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Thursday, January 9, 2014

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Hello everyone !
I am actually one of the most lucky teenager out there that doesn’t really suffer from any acne problems.
Although I do pop one or two pimples once in a while, hormones right? Sucks.
On the other hand, Wallace had a bad time facing himself in the mirror for almost a month, because out of no where, his face popped a few angry pimple, and those angry pimple recruited a gang of acne army that invaded his smooth skin surface.

He was really upset of his face like seriously upset because it wasn’t like that at all in the past, but somehow, hormones decided to hit him after his teen years sadly to say.

I was like “nah, eat lah, eat more kim gary cheese bake rice! Nice hor? X) “
But then, in the end, I went around searching for reliable skin care product for acne prone skin in order to heal his face.

Luckily, I met someone expert in skin care and she intro me to one of the acne prone skin soap that supposedly calm the angry acne and get rid of them while they’re in their sleep.
This online store is probably familiar to you because I had done a review for them before, it’s the HandsomeBoy boutique that sells various of skin care product and they also sell their well known facial soap bar which help heal acne prone skin.

Soap Bar-RM10

Of course you will also need to control your diet and drink more water in order to let the inner heat from your body be under control.

After only 2-3weeks of using the soap bar, we actually see a vast improvement of those acne.

You probably can’t see it from the picture, but his acne was literally 3D, the type which is really easily popped and will possibly burst anytime like a bomb.
Even the colour is scary, its purplish-black. IMAGINE HOW DIRTY THE BLOOD IS !!!! D;
However, after using the soap bar, they are less red you can see,
And its not even 3D anymore :D
now, in a couple of weeks time, the scar will heal ! :D

only 3weeks !!
Really worth a try for younger students who have acne problems or even mature people,
I know how it feels like having a face full of pimple is one of the most embarrassing things that happen in life,
Well you know what? Having ONE freaking pimple is also annoying,
Because it distracts people when they talk to you, instead of looking in the eye and concentrate on what you say,
They change their focus on that ONE spot on your entire face.
YEAH . that feeling definitely sucks HAHAH.

So what are you waiting for ? its inexpensive, its only rm10 per bar and works really well J
For those who face hydration problem, Handsomeboy boutique sells variety of Innisfree masks as well as well known skin care brands like Laneige, Skin food, Nature republic & Stylenanda 3CE :D

For more informations,

Please check out their facebook page & don’t forget to “like” their page as well!


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