The last teen year.

Friday, January 31, 2014

I figured today would be a perfect day for me to write about my 19th birthday as today is the first day of Chinese New Year, it kind of represent a whole new year, not to mention a new start.
On the other hand the starting of this year is actually the end of my teen years,
why you may ask?
I'm turning 20 next year :o
like whaaaaat? is this even happening?
time passes by too fast that even I can't catch up with it anymore,
so little time for me to achieve my personal goals. *sigh*
anyways, I wanted to say thank you to those who sent birthday wishes to me on any social network,
and as for those who celebrated and surprised me, I really really love you guys.

there were 3 celebrations in total, 2 out of 3 was unexpected though
the first celebration was a simple dinner in Suffolk house with the love one,
he made a reservation there, and blind folded me on our way there because he didn't want me to know where we were going.
Turns out that he didn't forget that I wanted to try the dinner course there,
and he thought it would be perfect to have my birthday dinner there.

I loveeeee our dessert ! the butter cookies are amazingggg 

My outfit of the night from Twenty3my 

On my actual birthday, we just went to watch some lame chinese action movie that was so boring to the extent that I fell asleep in the cinema.
and then we had steamboat for dinner with his sister and her boyf. 
On monday, my college buddies surprised me with a birthday cake and cute presents in Winter Warmers
I was shooting the birthday video, and out of no where, they started singing birthday song and it really did put me in shock .

Thankyouuuuu cat lady! for everything :'))

 The Oreo cake is yummy !! 

Zane & Steven !! 
Thankyou bro's !! :D
*spot zane's act cute face*

And then the third surprise was unbelievably amazing, 
I was supposed to have a simple dinner with my current best friend, 
you guys might know her as Carmen Layrynn,
she planned a surprise with Wallace and it was seriously unexpected. . . 
She told me that her phone speaker spoilt so she asked me to borrow her my headphone so that she can make phone calls without using loud speaker. 
and I fell for it -.-
She was actually going to use the headphones to distract me from hearing any of them talking, 
yes 'them', 
my college buddies, Carmen layrynn and Wallace Mak, my boyfriend. 
She even blind folded me ! 
the same blindfold that Wallace mak used to blind fold me on our way to Suffolk house!

My friends and balloons hahaha
its the second year being with Wallace and every year, its like a tradition for him to buy 6 helium balloons in pink & white x)

Still waiting . . . . .

I was seriously so scared, 
I thought she's going to scare me or something, but I kind of already knew Wallace mak would be there because of that blind fold ><

Thank you guys so so much, 
for the celebration, the surprise and nevertheless, THE LOVEEEEE

Best birthday I had so far.
was complaining about the movies and lack of love from boyfriend to Carmen Layrynn and Carmen Ngo but they were like 'really?' or 'so speechless leh' 
now I know x)
all fake one hahahahaha 

Xie xie niiiii bunnyyyyyyyy <3

Thanks to both of my favorite girlies <3

I love the poster :')))

Here's a video of the 3 birthday celebration, the surprise at the end is included too !!!! :D


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