Chinese New Year 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Unlike other bloggers,
Me still being me, hardly took any photos during chinese new year because I was too into catching up with cousins, spending quality time with my mother's side of the family.
I hardly even have any "ootd's" if it wasn't for the sponsors hahaha x)
I always admire girls that actually have siblings to help them take their full outfit of the day,
because then the photo won't be as cheesy as selca's, and they can pose like a model *YOU WANNA BE ON TOP ??*

But I can't :/
I have to be like 
*source from* 
kudos to you Kenny we take pics the same way ;D

so this is going to be a short 'summary' thing for my cny this year ! :)

As you all know, my nail arts are all sponsored by Nail Bar Penang, 
but their business are too packed, and all the other manicure salons are all fully booked till the first day of cny, 
so I had to go over to gurney plaza's nail stall to get mine done because they do the walk in business sort of way. 

I only managed to dress up for the first few days.....ONLY
so yeah. 
*DONT JUDGE, dolling up is hard work :/*
day one, Chor yat. 
Pink dress sponsored by Jonquilkiss 
My make up of the dayyyy :)

Day 2, Chor yee. 
Houndstooth designed peplum top from times square

Chor yee night :)
tube top party dress sponsored by The Silver Linings

Forgot when was this, 
but the ribbon tube top was sponsored by East Field Apparel 
4th day, Chor sei, 
wearing peplum long sleeve top sponsored by Pinkage
*check out the mustache dude from the back photobombing! *
if you recognize him, he is actually Wakdoyok !!
According to my cousin bro, his instagram has like freaking 150k followers, and the best part was, 
he was so friendly, he even helped us to take a group photo, and my cousin bro helped him in exchange ! 
check this out-->
too coincident to meet him in Ben's Pavilion !

 During chor yee, 
my aunt hosted a new year gathering party at her place, 
so I get to hang out and catch up with all of my cousins! 
From left, 
Ting, Ning, me, Jing. 
*i know right? my name is the only one that doesn't rhymes :/* 

we played the huge set of chest in my aunts house, 
surprisingly, I actually had fun ! :)

For the 4th day of chinese new year, 
I hang out with my dear cousins again :)

*the photo wakdoyok took !!*

when I'm back from KL, 
daddy brought our other relatives from Penang to Khun thai to have dinner, 

And I even joined Wallce's family for reunion dinner once I'm back in Penang :)

heheee :)

To be honest, 
lot's of people think that blogger's are the type of faggot that takes photo of every single thing we do or see and especially EAT -_______- 
don't know why, and can never understand that. 
for an occasion like Chinese New Year, I didn't even bothered to bring my Sony Nex camera to KL  because its a family occasion kind of thing for me, and not just for me to take 149246974813 photos to post or purposely blog about, well, in MY opinion lah. 
I just wanna spend some time with my lovely family in KL because I'm mostly in Penang so I can only spend a limited amount of time with them a year :)
so, when I'm having dinner or in any type of occasions, please don't joke things like 
' eh you wanna take photo of the food/scenery/things a not?? you not blogger lai meh ?? '
not funny okay ?

so don't take us bloggers as like we're fettish for camwhoring things,
not even my own face sad to say 
I really don't have those behaviors that is stated above x)
( 0 . 0 ) V

Signing off with love !


  1. so pretty!!!! and i face the same thing too, my friend always ask me ' eh you wanna take photo of the food onot?" when i dont even bother to take out my dslr. some of them even ask me to blog abt them! LOL

    1. Haha yeses its so annoying :/
      and thank you ya :)

  2. You looks stunning in all the photos! Goddess! Can you do a make up tutorial of your daily makeup pretty pls...? <3