Girl talk + Andrew's Kampung

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hello again !
As you had noticed, my blog layout had became much more simple and clean looking,
special thanks to my best friend Carmen Layrynn for designing and installing everything for the whole night !
I personally love it so so much, I hope that this makes reading my blog easier as it looks much clearer and unlike before, pink and girly even my words are in purple -___-
Before we decide to work on my layout,
we had a long session of girl talk last week.
We are setting a mini rule thing for both of us that we have to meet at least once in 2 weeks to keep each other updated and also maintain the awesomeness in between us HAHA.

Our location last week was Kaffa Espresso Bar,
I think we spent roughly around 2-3 hours just talking and bonding in the café without noticing the time passing by so fast,
the main reason was because the place is so cozy and warm,
unlike other places like Starbucks Gurney that will possibly freeze us to death.

One thing though, make sure you made your reservation *not sure if they provide that service*
or go there super early, 
because it is pack with people and totally impossible to find a seat for you and your friends. 
Even me & Carmen had to sit at the bar next to the cashier to wait for someone to actually get up so that we can have a sit WITH a proper table ! 

Look at how comfortable the place is.......<3 
really nice place to chill or hang out since there's sofa and the lighting is warmer and darker, 
I don't know but the atmosphere around the whole cafe is definitely meant for friends to chill and have small talk.

We each ordered a cup of coffee, 
Carmen had salted caramel, I had Cappuccino, and we both shared a red velvet cake that wasn't really fantastic for me as it is a little bit too rough :/

this is my big bunny boo <3
I seriously love her to the max ! 
nuff nuff nuffff the bunny style *sniff sniff*

my outfit of the day, 
Tube top: Melody Wardrobe
Outer: Miucious
Jeans: Topshop
Bag: Charles & Keith
wedge: Charles & keith 

If you had noticed, 
the pictures I took recently are fairly blur, and dreamy. 
I don't know why, but it just is and it bothers me.
Its weird because I never drop it or even scratch the lens of it before ! 
*see what i meant by dreamy? not edited leh :( so sad, so blurry*

Hence, I was really frustrated, and considering to get a new camera since mine had treated me well for the past 3 years, 
then again, I don't want to waste money because a whole new NEX costs at least 2k, and mine is still a NEX after all, 
despise the screen that can only got till 90degrees and not full on 180 degrees, 
the other features are still really good for taking photos. 
So I was checking and checking and AHA ! 
I found the problem source, 
it was the bloody lens . 

the inner part of the lens that supposedly connect to the camera got dirty on its own and have a layer of dust on it. 
after wiping it off, my pictures are much clearer, and back to normal !
saved 2k dude. 

Sunday-23 Feb
So as for today, me & Wallace was planning to have a simple dinner together and I was searching for a new place for us to try, 
because we're always stuck in gurney, and for normal dinner there, 
it is pretty pricy. 
Therefore, I suggested a place that I found online, 
Andrew's Kampung
I've never really heard of this place before, 
but the location is in Batu Ferringhi so it perfect for me since its only 5 minutes drive there.
*YAY finally a place that's near my place*
once we reach there, it kind of shocked us because the WHOLE RESTAURANT is filled with foreigners,
and when I said WHOLE, I mean EVERY SINGLE TABLE is foreigners, 
we were the only local chinese there :o

thought I'd try out my camera to see if it's okay, 
if it's not, i'll still need to reconsider on getting a new one haha! 
but luckily the pictures are amazingly clear.

Macam commercial. 
can totally image me saying
"hello, I'm Wong Jie Xhia and I'm out for some food hunting"

My dinner ! 
Dry Chilli squid rice
looks good;
smells good;
It is usually harder for us to bite to chew squid because its pretty much like rubber, 
but they cook it in such a way that it is soft, and super easy to chew,
still preserve the tenderness of the squid. 

Wallace mak was too hungry, 
so when I tried snapping his blackpepper beef rice, 
its half gone -.-
Same goes to the beef, 
I never really like beef because it is so hard to chew, 
the beef starts to stuck in between my teeth which is hell of annoying, 
their beef is juicy and soft and the juice literally splashes out <3 <3

That's pretty much it for my "girl talk day"
as well as my night with love :)
I'm not sure if my photos are better for you guys, but it looks clearer to me somehow, 
looking forward to take nicer photos in the future ! 
if you love my layout, 
don't forget to comment down below to let me know what you think about it!! 



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