Girls Reunited ~ Purrfect Cat Cafe.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It had been years since I last saw my childhood best friends,
and if you did follow my instagram, you would probably notice that my childhood best friends are all far far away from me, so we only get to meet each other once in a very very long time :)
they are Gini, Gemi & Lara, they know me inside out, I consider them as my sisters.
we meet up for coffee before chinese new year, catch up with each other,
and even celebrated Gini's birthday ! It had been years since the last time I celebrate with her!
from the left
*Me, Lara, Gemi, Gini*

Happy birthday once again Gini !! 
I can't believe your 20 already D: 
means your half a 40 alreadyyyy >< but its okay, I'll always love you :P
hope you had a blast and stay beautiful :) xx

After my little trip to KL for chinese new year, 
me and my girls decided to visit the new cat cafe in Penang! 
Purrfect Cat Cafe 

I love the Audrey Hepburn one ! 
these paintings are too cute <3

To all the cat lovers out there, 
you really have to visit this place, 
you will not regret :) 
they have many rules and you have to spend the minimum amount of rm18 to get to hang out there, 
also, you have to make a reservation before you visit, to make sure you have a spot for you and your friends :)
I believe that if you truly love cats, you wouldn't mind that :D
the cats exchange shifts *like having a job :'D* 
we were there at night, so we get to play with the night shift cats, 
if you're there in the afternoon, you might see other cats :) 

these were the darling kitties that accompanied us that night ! 
Marble <3
It didn't there to come out, but after half and hour or so, it finally came out and started jumping around :)
Full of expression in front of the camera hahaha! 

Leo <3
it is a freaking model ! look at it !! 
the skin is a little bit different from the others, it has leopard skin, 
and its definitely more active than other cats. 

Forgot the name of this cat, 
but its really scared of human, 
whenever we walk pass it, it will freak out and start find spot for it to hide -.-
sad, but cute! the eyes are like O.O 24/7 hahahah 

and not forgetting my favorite cat ! 
Teddy <3
it has a flat face with round head, 
it is just too cute to handle, 
I don't have any word in mind right now to describe its ultimate cutenesssssss ! 
nawwww :)

that's pretty much it for our "cat day out", 


  1. Wow!! I didn't realize there is a cafe of this kind. Is it only in Penang or you know of any other such place in KL as well???