[ In The Dark ] Movie Premiere

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hello to all my beautiful readers out there!
Today I am going to be writing bout the movie premiere that I had attended a few days ago.
At first I was a bit of a dilemma whether should I accept this premiere passes, 
because it is a horror movie and I always chicken out on horror movies. 
However I thought that, Penang don't always have premiere's like KL, 
so I'm going to give it a shot, worse come to worse, just cover my eyes with my palms.

Wallace went with me that night.
Surprisingly, it is PG13, 
and it is not as scary as I imagined, but I still get shocked a few times. 
So if you're really scared of horror movies, this could be a good start because its super tolerable, but yet thrilling!
So remember to support our Malaysian Production's horror movie! 
Its already screening in GS Cinema so GO SUPPORT!!!

It was my first time attending this kind of movie premiere so I wore my kimono outer and cincai outfit because all I think of was to be comfortable during the movie HAHAHA
But its okay! I told Wallace that this is the beauty and advantage of being a blogger, 
I'm not a celebrity but a lifestyle blogger, so this is my style, 

I'm quite excited for my next post hehe
so stay tuned :)


A story behind "A Bowl of Rice"

Monday, March 24, 2014

Today, I would like to share my personal thoughts about one title, 
“A Bowl of Rice”
When you first see this sentence, 
what can you relate it with?

As for me, 
I always thought that “A Bowl of Rice” represents basic human needs which is food.
“没饭吃” - Doesn't always mean, “no rice for us to eat”, it mostly means, “no food”;
“去吃饭”- Also doesn’t always mean, “lets go eat rice”, it mostly means, “let’s go have some food”. 

Moreover, a bowl of rice
also represents the hardship & effort of countless farmers, 
as well as our parents. 
Why do we have to work so hard for life?
Why do all of us have to struggle to earn money?
What is that one reason that made us work so hard for money?
All because of, 
A Bowl of Rice 
that provides us strength to live. 

Our parents and elders always teach us to not waste rice/food, 
this is a simple message that have a whole lot of meaning hidden under it. 
Yes, wasting food is bad, 
that’s the main reason but not the only reason for us avoid wasting it,
think about it, 
the farmers put a whole lot of effort to plant and harvest these rice, 
every single grain of rice represents the effort and sweat of the farmers. 
as dramatic as it sounds, 
this is one of the reasons why we should appreciate the chance of having a bowl of rice.

Our parents, 
work from morning until night, 
and for what?
their main priority is to feed us, and provide us food which goes back to my first point, 
rice = food
I was from a poor family myself, 
my parents did not inherit any big houses or wealth from their family, 
so they had to earn everything from scratch. 
My dad wasn't english educated, 
but english is important in society now, 
so he pushed himself to study during his middle age, 
and he finally graduated and now he’s working for a big hotel group in China. 
I remembered when I was little, around 7 or 8 years old, 
he came into my room and asked me how to spell ‘bread’, 
and now, 
he’s able to write his reports and letters and proposal in full professional english.

My dad is now working in China, 
he don’t get to come back often unless there’s holidays.
Me & my mom facetime him EVERYNIGHT without any chance of missing. 
why is he working so hard?
he could’ve just work here and be with us as a family, 
but as a father,
he needs to work for the best so that he can provides us the best. 

So here’s my story behind “A Bowl of Rice”, 
believe it or not, I actually teared up like a child while writing this paragraph, 
I miss my dad. 
So much . 
And what is my choice of “A Packet of Rice”?
my choice is Jasmine Sunwhite
What about you ?


First Impression.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello there fellow readers, 
from my title, I believe you can tell what I'm going to be writing about today.
First Impression.
Its something that I always failed at, 
for some reasons, I always portray a negative impression to others before they get to know me. 
I don't even know why and whether it is good or bad.
I was talking to a friend the other day and I was asking him if I gave him a bad impression, 
he actually said yes. 
and its not a bad thing to know, 
I'm actually quite glad to hear it from a friend because I then got inspiration to write this paragraph of words.

If you are a penangite, 
you MIGHT heard rumors of me, 
and the funny thing is, 
the people that spread rumors about me, aren't even my friends. 
Funny how they can scroll through my instagram & blog and "pretend" to know me personally and give plenty of comments to my real friends when they have no rights to. 
So I presumed that its my outlooks and first impression that failed to portray a positive impression. 

1st. I'm proud & lansi. 
I admit that I look pretty fierce when I'm not smiling, 
but you don't expect me to smile at every single person that I met on the road whether or not I know them right??
it makes no sense at all, I am only nice to people that I know personally, 
and if I smile to everybody I meet, you might probably spread a new rumor saying I'm a complete psycho.
What I heard was,
I act friendly and nice on my blog and instagram but when they met me in person, I'm damn lansi, 
don't know lansi for what.
damn 冤枉 lor I tell you.
if you think reading my blog and instagram can get to know me inside out ah,
I can get to know Venice min or angelababy by scrolling through their websites too. -____-

2nd. I am a gold digger. 
this is a good one, I am pretty surprised when I heard this rumor, 
because funny thing is, I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years now, which is the longest relationship I've had so far, 
so what I heard was that I am with this boyfriend for this long is because he's rich and I'm a gold digger. 
Guess what?
some times, we split the bill, 
we hardly buy each other expensive presents unless there's a special occasion, 
Valentines day is not included. Because we both think that its a business man's idea on making people's hard earned money. 
the most expensive gift he had got me so far, was the pandora bracelet and he got me 2 charms now. 
If I were to be a gold digger, 
2 years time, 
I could've dig out a Chanel bag, balenciaga/miumiu bracelet, more than a pair of Louboutin ........ETC ETC. 
but I didn't because I love him with all my heart, 
and not his wallet or bank account. 
plus, when I first dated him, he was just a student. 

3rd. I only hang out with friends that brings me benefits. 
This means that I only hang out with rich people, famous people...
I'm not rich myself, so I can't mingle well with rich kids,
I'm not famous also, plus if my friends are famous, its not my business? so how does it even affects me?
I believe in true friendship, and not friends for benefits (in another way, not the dirty way)
Most of my friends aren't even rich or famous,
so I don't know where this impression came from.
I have a good friend that I hang out with almost everyday,
before she get to know me personally,
she heard negative rumors about me saying I'm freaking 2 faced, I'm damn proud,
I like washing rich kid's asses...
but after being really close,
she told me one thing
"You're nothing like how people described you"
from the first day of being friends till now,
we never argued,
not even for small matters.
and she's now one of my closest best friend that I trust with all my heart.

4th. I'm materialistic
this connects to my 2nd & 3rd statement,
its funny how other people spread that I'm a spoiled brat, just because I'm the only child at home.
Yes, I got my own car once I got my license,
that is also because I freaking live in Batu Ferringhi,
you want me to take bus everyday? -___-
my parents won't take the risk. because.....busses are scary for girls that travel alone.
how do you even think I'm materialistic??
I don't even buy branded goods!
if you think I do,
name one expensive branded bag that I own :P
*converse not counted lah*
some of you even laughed at me for wearing fake chanel earrings,
fake this fake that. *I prefer calling them INSPIRED hahaha*
ya lah, I wear fake stuff because I'm not rich mar,
and if someone dares to sell then I dare to buy cannot? :P
at least I don't shove it in your face and brag that it is real.
so how?
realize that I'm not materialistic dy anot?
moving on....

5th. I fake my accent.
You might think I'm a typical chinese that speaks super broken english just because I was from chinese primary, and both chinese private junior high and chinese convent senior high.
But we speak pretty good english back in primary school & kindergarten.
I'm not saying that my english is amazing, I do have some grammar mistakes every now and then.
I am glad that I have amazing friends that speaks good english around me since young,
so from there I get to learn how to speak english well.
Plus, there is a reason why I pick up mass communication course,
because I love writing and speaking,
so my parents paid good money for good education,
you don't expect me to disappoint them do you..? x)
and even if I'm faking my accent,
I must say that I did a pretty good job then :P

That's pretty much it,
I haven't been writing for such a long time, I think my last update was last week.
so sorry if I rant & blabber too much in this post,
but I have been meaning to clarify all these things for a long long time.
and I finally did it,
I understand that being a blogger, and now, a YouTuber,
I have to accept what people think of me,
yes, I chose to publish a part of my life on the internet and that is also why I need to take in the bad comments too.
but for me,
I'm also a human being with feelings,
you can't just judge a book by its cover, spread it around and make it real.
It is not fair.
and me being me,
I have to stand up for myself, and prove these people wrong.
because if I can't do such a simple thing for myself,
who else is going to help me?

of course,
I also know that I can't change people's mindset and thoughts,
can't even stop them from saying such things about me.
Think about it,
do you want people to have those thoughts about you in return?
if you don't,
then don't do it to others.
*karma do exist you know?*
So, what is your first impression towards me? ;)

Before I sign off,
here's my latest youtube video.
Phone challenge ft Carmen Ngo
Peace! xo Jxhia

Stepped out my comfort zone.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hello everybody!
I am back with more weird things to share with you, 
but first, 
let me apologize for promising you guys that I gave a false hope of me trying to vlog. 
I finally did :p

So, please subscribe me on my new channel 
Jxhia Wong

and if you are wondering why I create a new one when I have an existing account, 
that is because my old account has a lot of old vlogs and dance videos and other random things, 
and I don't want to delete them but yet I want to separate both themes, 
so I created another one just to match my blog theme which is

my old channel:
J Bunny

You must be wondering, 
why am I blabering so much about youtube out of a sudden,
that is because I finally filmed "My everyday makeup routine" video
and the reason why I put it in video and not on blog its because,
blogging about it is a little bit hard to explain the details, 
so video is a better choice. 

 and also, its time to reveal my off tuned voice and weird face expressions to the world :P
I hope you guys will like this video 
and if you do, remember to give it a thumbs up or share it out for me, 


Virgin Radio Show

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hello peeps, 
I am very please with my recent posts because my new layout really did a good job in getting my blog theme together. Thank you bff!!! Carmen Layrynn <3
I'll be blogging about my virgin radio show with my fellow diploma classmates,
I really had a lot of fun and gain some unexpected experience too. 
Not to mention, I gain guts for myself as well, 
I don't know how but I somehow did, 
and after this radio show, 
I somehow feel like I've overcome the fear of standing up for myself, 
because during the show, someone actually shouted "boring" while me & Steven were talking (as emcee)
so I shouted back at them. 
And I instantly feel more brave and stronger hahaha! 

gonna show you pics of the radio show now ! 
BAM ! 
my act chio post of the day.

Hi buddy :D 

We are emcee of the day ! :)

Special thanks to fashion blogger/singer Nicole Cheah for the collaboration with our team members ! 

Our Burn.fm team ! 
Great job guyssss 

This is actually an assignment assigned to us during our short semester, 
so in such a short time, I'm actually very proud of all of us that we actually pull it off quite well, 
and this show really did get us to work together, 
and even some of them said that it somehow made us closer as classmates.

We often experience friends arguing and getting isolated just because of assignments, 
but this is actually the first assignment that brought all of us together,
so its a GOOD THING ! :D

I gotta admit that I like this sem more compared to the other sems, 
because its less stress and I don't feel that lazy because there are too many things going on in such a short limited time.
and honestly,
I hardly rant about my assignments from college.
As weird as I am, 
I actually enjoy doing them, and I'm always keen to know about the end result. 
so, hopefully there will be more interesting assignments coming up like this radio show :)

My outfit for the event, 
is a little bit too over the top, 
but hey, 
come on, 
its a rock themed radio show and I'm the emcee! 
I have to be a little bit more exaggerate right ? :P

Special thanks to Hard Rock Hotel for sponsoring us the game prizes, 

and also special thanks to Qin Art Journey sponsoring us the special effect makeup look ! 
our outfit will not be complete without your help ! :)

all the photos posted here is from my friend's camera ( Steven Soon )
hehe thanks for the photos ! 

Thanks for reading guys ! 
talk to you guys soon 


Kiss Me - Heavy Rotation

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sponsored Review

Do you realize something is missing from my make up ?
Yes, eyebrows
To most of the girls that are just beginning to learn make up, 
they tend to leave out eye brows, and will start off with eye liner or foundation. 
however, for me, 
eye brow is the most important step for make up because it gives a good illusion effect for our facial features to seem more stand out, with a 3D effect. 

I want pretty eye brows toooooooooooo :(((

I will be showing you how to get 3D looking eye brows today !
with just a few simple steps using the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow & Nose Shadow ! :))
In this series, they come in 2 color choices,
#1. Light Brown 
#2. Natural Brown
The one I have here is in the color #2. Natural brown.

There are 3 neutral colors in the palette, and it also comes with a high quality 2 sided bristles with a fluffy brush for nose shading & an angled brush for eyebrow shaping.
I named the color shades 1, 2, and 3
1. For nose shading.
2. To fill in the sparse area of our natural eye brow shape.
3. To darken the ends of our eye brow.

Remember to always start off with a pair of neatly trimmed eyebrows according to your face shape,
it makes a vast difference. 
for my heart shaped face, I'm going to trim my eyebrows with a slight arch and not make it thick although thick brows is the trend right now.

Tutorial :
Step 1: Apply shade 2. using the angled brush to fill in all the sparse area following our very own natural eyebrow shape after trimming. 
Step 2: using the same angled brush, apply shade 3. to the arch and ends of your eye brow to add a 3D effect to it. 

See how much difference a pair of eyebrows can make ?
*ps, I look like lizard without eyebrows x) *

Last, but not least, nose shading. 
 Contouring is a crucial step for me, because I'm a typical Asian without a visible nose bridge.
contouring is also my favorite step because the result work every single time ! 
According to the instructions, we are suppose to use shade 1. for nose shading, 
however, I like my nose shadow to be slight darker, 
so I mix shade 1 & 2 together. 

and here's the end result of a pair of full 3D brows with natural contoured nose shade!

Why choose Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow & Nose shadow?
-Easy to apply even for beginners !
-Great coloration in one easy sweep!
-Waterproof, long lasting and won't smudge
-Gives your nose a greater definition.
-Contains eyebrow care ingredients, formulated with Panthenol! 

What are you waiting for ??
Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Powder is now selling in major Sasa outlet for 44.90MYR
Do remember to show me some love by commenting below how much this eyebrow powder helps you :)

I hope this tutorial is helpful to you, 
and I will talk to you guys soon ! 
Bye !