A story behind "A Bowl of Rice"

Monday, March 24, 2014

Today, I would like to share my personal thoughts about one title, 
“A Bowl of Rice”
When you first see this sentence, 
what can you relate it with?

As for me, 
I always thought that “A Bowl of Rice” represents basic human needs which is food.
“没饭吃” - Doesn't always mean, “no rice for us to eat”, it mostly means, “no food”;
“去吃饭”- Also doesn’t always mean, “lets go eat rice”, it mostly means, “let’s go have some food”. 

Moreover, a bowl of rice
also represents the hardship & effort of countless farmers, 
as well as our parents. 
Why do we have to work so hard for life?
Why do all of us have to struggle to earn money?
What is that one reason that made us work so hard for money?
All because of, 
A Bowl of Rice 
that provides us strength to live. 

Our parents and elders always teach us to not waste rice/food, 
this is a simple message that have a whole lot of meaning hidden under it. 
Yes, wasting food is bad, 
that’s the main reason but not the only reason for us avoid wasting it,
think about it, 
the farmers put a whole lot of effort to plant and harvest these rice, 
every single grain of rice represents the effort and sweat of the farmers. 
as dramatic as it sounds, 
this is one of the reasons why we should appreciate the chance of having a bowl of rice.

Our parents, 
work from morning until night, 
and for what?
their main priority is to feed us, and provide us food which goes back to my first point, 
rice = food
I was from a poor family myself, 
my parents did not inherit any big houses or wealth from their family, 
so they had to earn everything from scratch. 
My dad wasn't english educated, 
but english is important in society now, 
so he pushed himself to study during his middle age, 
and he finally graduated and now he’s working for a big hotel group in China. 
I remembered when I was little, around 7 or 8 years old, 
he came into my room and asked me how to spell ‘bread’, 
and now, 
he’s able to write his reports and letters and proposal in full professional english.

My dad is now working in China, 
he don’t get to come back often unless there’s holidays.
Me & my mom facetime him EVERYNIGHT without any chance of missing. 
why is he working so hard?
he could’ve just work here and be with us as a family, 
but as a father,
he needs to work for the best so that he can provides us the best. 

So here’s my story behind “A Bowl of Rice”, 
believe it or not, I actually teared up like a child while writing this paragraph, 
I miss my dad. 
So much . 
And what is my choice of “A Packet of Rice”?
my choice is Jasmine Sunwhite
What about you ?


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