Kiss Me - Heavy Rotation

Monday, March 3, 2014

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Do you realize something is missing from my make up ?
Yes, eyebrows
To most of the girls that are just beginning to learn make up, 
they tend to leave out eye brows, and will start off with eye liner or foundation. 
however, for me, 
eye brow is the most important step for make up because it gives a good illusion effect for our facial features to seem more stand out, with a 3D effect. 

I want pretty eye brows toooooooooooo :(((

I will be showing you how to get 3D looking eye brows today !
with just a few simple steps using the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow & Nose Shadow ! :))
In this series, they come in 2 color choices,
#1. Light Brown 
#2. Natural Brown
The one I have here is in the color #2. Natural brown.

There are 3 neutral colors in the palette, and it also comes with a high quality 2 sided bristles with a fluffy brush for nose shading & an angled brush for eyebrow shaping.
I named the color shades 1, 2, and 3
1. For nose shading.
2. To fill in the sparse area of our natural eye brow shape.
3. To darken the ends of our eye brow.

Remember to always start off with a pair of neatly trimmed eyebrows according to your face shape,
it makes a vast difference. 
for my heart shaped face, I'm going to trim my eyebrows with a slight arch and not make it thick although thick brows is the trend right now.

Tutorial :
Step 1: Apply shade 2. using the angled brush to fill in all the sparse area following our very own natural eyebrow shape after trimming. 
Step 2: using the same angled brush, apply shade 3. to the arch and ends of your eye brow to add a 3D effect to it. 

See how much difference a pair of eyebrows can make ?
*ps, I look like lizard without eyebrows x) *

Last, but not least, nose shading. 
 Contouring is a crucial step for me, because I'm a typical Asian without a visible nose bridge.
contouring is also my favorite step because the result work every single time ! 
According to the instructions, we are suppose to use shade 1. for nose shading, 
however, I like my nose shadow to be slight darker, 
so I mix shade 1 & 2 together. 

and here's the end result of a pair of full 3D brows with natural contoured nose shade!

Why choose Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow & Nose shadow?
-Easy to apply even for beginners !
-Great coloration in one easy sweep!
-Waterproof, long lasting and won't smudge
-Gives your nose a greater definition.
-Contains eyebrow care ingredients, formulated with Panthenol! 

What are you waiting for ??
Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Powder is now selling in major Sasa outlet for 44.90MYR
Do remember to show me some love by commenting below how much this eyebrow powder helps you :)

I hope this tutorial is helpful to you, 
and I will talk to you guys soon ! 
Bye ! 



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    1. Welcome dear, glad this tutorial helped you! :)

  2. I was considering whether I should buy it this was super useful :) you're really pretty as well!!