[ In The Dark ] Movie Premiere

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hello to all my beautiful readers out there!
Today I am going to be writing bout the movie premiere that I had attended a few days ago.
At first I was a bit of a dilemma whether should I accept this premiere passes, 
because it is a horror movie and I always chicken out on horror movies. 
However I thought that, Penang don't always have premiere's like KL, 
so I'm going to give it a shot, worse come to worse, just cover my eyes with my palms.

Wallace went with me that night.
Surprisingly, it is PG13, 
and it is not as scary as I imagined, but I still get shocked a few times. 
So if you're really scared of horror movies, this could be a good start because its super tolerable, but yet thrilling!
So remember to support our Malaysian Production's horror movie! 
Its already screening in GS Cinema so GO SUPPORT!!!

It was my first time attending this kind of movie premiere so I wore my kimono outer and cincai outfit because all I think of was to be comfortable during the movie HAHAHA
But its okay! I told Wallace that this is the beauty and advantage of being a blogger, 
I'm not a celebrity but a lifestyle blogger, so this is my style, 

I'm quite excited for my next post hehe
so stay tuned :)


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