Virgin Radio Show

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hello peeps, 
I am very please with my recent posts because my new layout really did a good job in getting my blog theme together. Thank you bff!!! Carmen Layrynn <3
I'll be blogging about my virgin radio show with my fellow diploma classmates,
I really had a lot of fun and gain some unexpected experience too. 
Not to mention, I gain guts for myself as well, 
I don't know how but I somehow did, 
and after this radio show, 
I somehow feel like I've overcome the fear of standing up for myself, 
because during the show, someone actually shouted "boring" while me & Steven were talking (as emcee)
so I shouted back at them. 
And I instantly feel more brave and stronger hahaha! 

gonna show you pics of the radio show now ! 
BAM ! 
my act chio post of the day.

Hi buddy :D 

We are emcee of the day ! :)

Special thanks to fashion blogger/singer Nicole Cheah for the collaboration with our team members ! 

Our team ! 
Great job guyssss 

This is actually an assignment assigned to us during our short semester, 
so in such a short time, I'm actually very proud of all of us that we actually pull it off quite well, 
and this show really did get us to work together, 
and even some of them said that it somehow made us closer as classmates.

We often experience friends arguing and getting isolated just because of assignments, 
but this is actually the first assignment that brought all of us together,
so its a GOOD THING ! :D

I gotta admit that I like this sem more compared to the other sems, 
because its less stress and I don't feel that lazy because there are too many things going on in such a short limited time.
and honestly,
I hardly rant about my assignments from college.
As weird as I am, 
I actually enjoy doing them, and I'm always keen to know about the end result. 
so, hopefully there will be more interesting assignments coming up like this radio show :)

My outfit for the event, 
is a little bit too over the top, 
but hey, 
come on, 
its a rock themed radio show and I'm the emcee! 
I have to be a little bit more exaggerate right ? :P

Special thanks to Hard Rock Hotel for sponsoring us the game prizes, 

and also special thanks to Qin Art Journey sponsoring us the special effect makeup look ! 
our outfit will not be complete without your help ! :)

all the photos posted here is from my friend's camera ( Steven Soon )
hehe thanks for the photos ! 

Thanks for reading guys ! 
talk to you guys soon 



  1. You look really chio with Zane's guitar! haha

    1. yeah i know right!!!! It suits me more than him during that day hahaha

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  3. Super chio chio chio chio OMG OUTFIT!

  4. Nyek nyek I look so fat. Bad outfit choice lol but so sad no one took pictures of my shoe ahha. Was fun performing and I heard the dude who scream boring too lol

    1. eh pls where got fat! yeahhhh its so sad that no one focused your shoes because I was trying to show a friend your shoes but I couldn't find any pic ><

  5. so chio eh! anywya cool experience!

  6. You look very cool in this outfits and make up!

  7. look like a YOON BAEK HEE from Dream High with the Star on ur eye keke! very chiooo!