Beauty Haul #1

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hi lovelies!
Its been sometime since I last update about my beauty haul, 
so I take this opportunity to kick start my youtube channel with my first ever beauty haul video because I figured that it is easier to explain things in video. 
I don't want to neglect my blog as well, 
so I will write more details and post close up pictures of the product featured in the haul video here!

Products bought:

1. Zoeva Makeup Brushes

I discovered about these babies through Zoella's beauty haul video, 
I didn't think that it was possible for me to get my hands on these brushes at first because to be honest, 
Malaysia don't bring in a lot of makeup brands especially the ones from uk/us. 
so once I found out that is selling a few range of makeup brands that are not available in Malaysia, I got crazy . SO CRAY CRAY that I bought tons of new makeup! 

I got 3 of these brushes, 
-124/ Grand Stippling
-101/Luxe Face Definer
-142/Concealer Buffer

2. Sleek Makeup Blusher Palette 

Then again, we don't have Sleek Makeup in Malaysia, 
and as far as I know, 
beauty bloggers/youtube makeup gurus tend to compare sleek's & Nars's blusher. 
I was shocked too when I received my first ever sleek blusher palette because the colour in the middle, 
is so much alike with my Nars Orgasm blusher! 

3. Benefit Big Easy 

I became a bit tanner than my usual skin tone because I went cycling and photoshooting under the sun, 
so I had to change my bb cream/foundation and alson my concealer! 
I chose this bb cream because it has SPF, 
and it also turns matte after applying it evenly! 

4. Benefit Fake Up (Concealer) 

I got this one in a darker tone this time, 
because I find the lighter tone hard to blend into my dark circle, 
and this darker tone is sort of like a warmer salmon colour, 
so it is easier to blend into the dark area for me since I have yellow undertone skin tone. 

I love the design of the inside of the packing :PP 

5. Naked Lip Gloss

As a girl, I am ashamed to say that I hardly have any lip gloss.
I don't really like lip glosses because I prefer matte lips, 
and I hate it when my hair gets blown by the strong wind and a bunch of hair will stick on my lips with my lip gloss acting like a glu. 

But I figured that I needed one for my pale lipsticks so I got this one in a orangy colour! 

6. M.A.C Cremesheen Lipstick (Hang-up) 

I hardly go crazy over MAC cosmetics, 
but I am a huge fan of lipsticks. 
recently I am obssesed with berry colour lipsticks, 
while I was attending MAC's new products launching, 
I saw this lipstick and fell deeply in love, 
I couldn't leave the shop without it hahaha!

Thank you guys so much for reading, 
this is a mini beauty haul without any sponsored material, 
so I hope you guys will like it.
I will end this post with the this Beauty Haul video :)


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