Café + Lookbook #3

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Its been awhile since I last hang out with my friend Shilyne, 
so I called her out for coffee and just catch up with each other. 
However, its kind of sad that we didn't take any good selfie pictures that day because we were too busy chit chatting and eating snacks. 
Really had loads of fun catching up with this baby girl <3
Sorry I just had to post at least one pic of us baby girl :p

One thing I love about penang, 
is that we get to go lots of amazing cafes for chilling, 
just makes us feel like time can be slow down sometimes, 
and not worrying about reality that much,
sounds pretty much like something I would love to volunteer for ;)

We went to The Alley, 
which is one of my favorite cafes in Penang, 
although the place is a little bit small and they don't have much room for bigger crowds, 
but I like their coffee and atmosphere cozy and warm <3

Here's my outfit of the day for that day :)
Wearing a new lipstick !
Lipstick: Too Faced (Juicy Melon)

Black Cropped top: Miucious
Sunnies: Padini

Finallyyyyy I found these simple looking heels!!!
i love them so much, there isn't a word to describe my love for them, 
Bag: H&M 
Heels: Aldo 

Ripped boyfriend jeans: H&M

You don't have to exaggerate your outfit to be stylish, 
simplicity is the new in. 
*at least I think it is*
I really am digging these ootd pics. 

i'll end my post with my latest Youtube video that I had collaborated with my best friend-Carmen layrynn!!!!
Here's my video
I can't stop laughing I don't know why x)
probably coz we do stupid stuff together all the time and these 2 videos are prove and evidence of it hahahaah
a friend that I never regret meeting, 
from the beginning till today, 
we had never argue, or have any doubts against each other. 
probably because we have similar character and interest and attitude and....basically everything...
but I definitely love this girl like my very own blood related sister, 
we all know how hard it is to find a good friend in such a "realistic" world nowadays, 
the only ones that still stick around when I'm in trouble or in need of help is her & another Carmen, 
so if you try to break us, 
you're gonna need to try HARDER. because its pretty much impossible ;)
and....Here's carmen Layrynn's video!! <3 <3
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this is by far my most favorite video and I also had truck loads of fun while editing it. 

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  1. Looking chic girl! Your videos are so interesting to be watched, always looking forward to your next vlog after watching one :)