Look book post #2

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hello there beautiful readersssss
its been some time since I last blog about an outfit post and I decided to do one today!
Most of you guys know that I don't have a fixed style somehow,
I just wear whatever I am comfortable with and what I like, it totally depends on my mood.
So I'm just going to call it my kind of 'Casual Style'

Since my hair is at a very awkward length now, 
I preferred it to be tied up into a messy bun, 
and as for my makeup, I exaggerate a little bit on my lips by using Nars Jungle Red lipstick. 
the other eye makeup remain the same as my daily makeup. 
*please excuse my eyelid sticker*

I know it is a little bit insane to wear sweater nowadays since the weather is steaming hot. 
However, I was hanging out in Paragon the other day for coffee with my buddy Jeanteen, 
so I put on this sweater to keep me cozy in the cold mall. 
Sweater: H&M

I am the type of person that always never give a damn to wearing watches and ended up asking others what time is it.
So I'm putting in effort to put on a watch every time I go out :p
just to avoid annoying other people hahah! 
Watch: Casio. 

The arm candy I am wearing here are from cotton on
they are for selling these bracelet to raise for the charity foundation, 
 so I bought 2 of my favorite colors from there. 
And the silver bracelet is a gift from Wallace from Pandora :)

Ripped shorts : Cotton On 

Rings: H&M
Frilly Socks: Top Shop
Boots: Top Shop
Bag: Charles & keith ( I always use this bag, I believe you all also sien dy :P )
Nails by: Nail Bar Penang

I kinda miss dancing hahaha
although I gave up long gone. 

Both of these are candid shots!
I didn't know that i preferred candid more than the ones I pose for hahaha!

Here's more pictures of me & this cutie date on that day :) 

Meet my look book photographer <3 
and also my date of the day! 

I loveee this picture !
My photography skills are improving bits by bits hehe
This is one of my favorite hangout place ever! 
its Pie Harbour in Paragon, I just love the atmosphere and the lightings thereeee 

Can you even believe I took this pic hahahah
looks like I stole from tumblr eh? [ beh paiseh sorry :p ]
This is my favorite drink, I got so attached to it, I crave for it 24/7
its the strawberry latte, and I don't know how to explain the the taste of it, 
however, you can taste the smell of latte at the same time, 
you get the hint of strawberry as well. 
these 2 tastes are so different, that is why the taste of it does not jumble up, also why it is perfect for a coffee & strawberry lover like me! 

I am not sure if you guys will like the look book pics on top, 
but I am planning to post more of those in the future, 
so do remember to leave a comment down below on what you think about my photos, 
and I will talk to you guys soon ! 
Byeeeeeee x


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