M.A.C A Fantasy of Flower Launching

Monday, April 7, 2014

Good afternoon ladies/gentlemen *although I know most of you are chicks*
For most of you, you will be familiar with the make up brand name MAC, 
it is one of the "most wanted" makeup brands in the makeup market I would say. 
A lot of beauty bloggers, youtube makeup gurus collect MAC makeup as collections. 
MAC releases different kinds of themes and collections almost every month, 
and this time, I am lucky to get invited to the launching of MAC "A Fantasy of Flowers" collection in their new store located in Queensbay. 

And of course, 
how would a makeup event be complete without a perfect makeup geek partner?
So, I drag my best friend along, you guys might recognize her from my previous posts and instagram pictures, 
and also her very own blog Layrynnbites
Me + big eyes Carmen = <3
*not homos*

So right before the event actually started, 
we bloggers were invited to interview the senior makeup artist of MAC and also both of the red ribbon celebrity and representative of Malaysia AIDS Foundation, 
Joey G & Patricia K. 

Through Joey & Patricia, 
I get to know more about the contribution of MAC makeup to the Malaysia AIDS Foundation. 
This year, MAC announced that Rihanna is their new spokesperson for Viva Glam. 
The best part of this product is that the 100% of the earned profit will be donated to the Malaysia AIDS Foundation, 
the expenses and costs of the product itself are the contribution of MAC. 
I personally love Rihanna and red lipsticks, so this product fulfill my needs and at the same time, 
the profit that earned from this product gets to help people!
How amazing is that?
its not just about helping the aids patients but also spreading the awareness out to the world to stop discriminations and also use your rubbers not only for safety purposes but also health purposes GUYS !
I had such a great time interviewing both of them, 
we chat about lots of random stuff too and there's just a lot of laughter!

Met the pretty Eetheng during the event! 
damnnnn I love her blue/green hairrrr D: <3

There was a mini performance by this "flower" looking model on the stage, 
and her outfit and makeup represented the new collection.

The senior makeup artist, Haritha Shan demonstrated the makeup look to the audiences, 
She had worked for 9 years as a makeup artist, 
her specialty for makeup is for fashion shows, 
she had collaborated with well known brands like Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Salvatore Ferragamo, DKNY, Coach, Toni & Guy Hair show, Calvin Klein etc. 
She was also featured in many editorial shoots such as Cleo, Seventeen, News Strait Times, Sister, Backstage, Style, Prestige, Marie Claire etc etc. 
Besides that, she was also the make up artist for celebrities like Amber chia, Deborah Henry & Pixie Lott! 

Here's a closer look of the new collection, 
The color choices & prices for this collection is :
-6 different colors for lipsticks (RM68)
- 6 different creme sheen glass (RM80)
-4 mineralized eyeshadow quad (RM85)
-4 pigments (RM85)
-2 Fluidelines (RM75)
-1 Haute & Naughty mascara (RM93)
-2 mineralized skin finish (RM120)
-2 mineralized blusher (RM100)
-4 nail lacquers (RM48) 
-3 brushes (Individual prices) 

Hello world. 

MAC Cosmetics is toooooo sweet!
they gave us a huge gift bag filled with these babies <3 <3
I never say no to freebies that are quite expensive HAHA!
these are from the new collection "A Fantasy of Flowers"
and among these products, my favorite has to be these 2: 
the lipstick,
this color is really pretty but I have to say that without a coloured gloss to top it off, 
my lips will look a little bit too pale with it. 
so for those of you who are interested in purchasing this color need to take note of your own lip color first. 

I love the blusher as well, 
it gives my cheek a touch of pink tone that really suits my daily look!

Thank you so much guys for reading, 
if you want to know more info's about the new collections, 
you can check out 

and I will talk to you guys soon !


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