My Cooking Process

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Cooking Process

From the paragraph of my story about “A Bowl of Rice”, 
I mentioned about my family story, 
my dad is currently working in China, and I’m the only daughter at home, 
so only left me & my mother at home. 
My mom works everyday on weekdays from 8am to 5pm, 
and yet she still needs to come back to cook for me, 
and keep the house clean and cozy. 

Ever since young, 
my mom already teach me how to cook, 
although I'm a girly girl that seems like I don't know any house work, 
but at least I know how to do partial hahah 
First off, 
I’ll scoop a bowl of rice. 

Then I’ll put it into a steel bowl because instead of using a rice cooker, 
I’ll be steaming rice instead. 
There’s only me & my mom at home,  
I don’t have to cook a lot of rice, so steaming is an easier way for our family.

Next, I’m going to rinse off the rice with water so that I can reassure that the rice is clean.

Then I’ll pour half a cup of water in to the bowl, 

After boiling the water in the wok, 
I put the bowl of rice in, and let it steam for 20 minits. 

I am having my semester break right now, 
so I figured that it would be nice if I could cook dinner for my mom. 
So I cooked chicken soup & fried some vegetable for dinner! 

 This is how me and my mom usually eats for dinner, 
we don’t eat a lot, 

we like it simple and healthy. 
So let me ask you, 
do you know which rice did I use to cook ? ;)

If you read my previous post, 
you will find the answer! 
remember to leave a comment down below if you know the answer, 
or you can tweet me @jxhia
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