Photography Class !

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

For this sem, I took photocomm, 
and we're supposed learn how to take pictures "artisticly",
whatever that means. HAHA
anyways, I borrowed Wallace's DSLR since we're required to use it for class. 
So far, I'm quite satisfied with the things I had learnt from class and I'm also happy the fact that I can now apply something I learn from college to make my blog a bit nicer I guess? 

Pictures below features my buddy, 
Carmen Ngo :p

Photos below are all taken by MEEE :)
Super satisfied with the outcomes although it took me quite some time to figure out what we're actually doing

The bracelet I got her for her birthday!!!
Dream catcher resembles me :p

A short update on my blog with lots and lots of pics, 
hope you guys enjoyed it ! :)
oh oh, and if you havent check out my latest video featuring my bestfriend, 
Here it is ! 


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