Sonny Angel Fashion Show + My Collection

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Event + Collection 
Hello there *waves* ! 
my title says it all and I will be sharing a very cute collectable toy with you guys today, 
you guys might spot them in my recent photos, 
you guys might also seen them around these days as these japanese little cuties are really popular.
They are the Sonny Angel collectable toys! 
Dream Inc Japan created Sonny Angel in 2004, 
their intentions were to keep the OL (office lady) campanied. 
The original designed size was a 8inches, 
however, this size was meant to be placed at home or in office only as it is a little bit bulky to bring out. 
Now, they make the dolls much tinier so that we can bring it out in our hand bags or clutches easily! 
Look! it is smaller than my palm :D
The original Sonny also has moveable arms and legs with a touch of soft baby-smelling skin and comes in his birthday suit!
His birthday is on the 15th of May. 
It is now Collector's item worldwide.

I attended their mini fashion show in Butterworth the other day, 
and they announced that in Malaysia, 
it is a little bit inappropriate for this dolls to stay naked sometimes, 
so they are now selling cute little sweaters and pampers for these sonny angel babies only in Malaysia! 

How can you even resist??

These Angels are from the 2014 Limited Edition Easter Series, 
Their theme for this year relates with strawberry and chocolates :)

For the past years, they had release limited edition series for Valentines, Halloween & even Christmas! 


Well, how can I not get some angels to accompany me since I'm the only child right?
So I got some on that day itself and unpacked it together with my best friend, C'Layrynn
Here's the whole bunch of angels that both of us got on that day! 

On that day, there were only 2 boxes of easter series left, 
so both of us can't choose anymore and just got one each. 
when we unpacked it, we were surprised that we actually got the same figure from the same collection! 
If you understand the concept of the packing, which I will explain later, 
then you'll understand how hard it is to get the same figure D:
Looks like we're meant to be stuck together eh Carmen? ;) hahahahahah gerli die. 

Here's the amount of Sonny Angel that I got the other day placed in a box!
I'll explain more about the blind box concept that they have in the picture below :)

Every Series contains 12 angels wearing different kind of headgear, 
and these angels are sold in a blind box with no indication of which angel is in the box. 
Let's just say, whichever box you choose, there is no way of targeting the angel you want, unless you get the whole big box that contain all 12 angels in a series. 

The blind box concept is wrapped with the element of "surprise" so the mystery of the angel will only be revealed to the collector upon opening the box and sealed foil paper! 

If you're lucky, you might even get a "Secret Angel" or "Robby"! 
Now, who are they again?
they are coveted in each series/version, 
they are super rare so not everybody will get them! 
Each series/version has a different "Secret Angel" and "Robby" of its own.
So if you're getting a box of Sonny angel, pray hard before you open them ;)

Alright, let's cut down the words and show you some cute pictures of these babies! 
I'll be sharing some pics of my Sonny Angels that I got :)

A short intro of the angels I got :)
here's their name attached on their sides hehe

These are the ones I got on the event day :)
I was super happy when I got them because they are the ones that I hope I get hands on! 
Guess I was really lucky that day hahaha

look how cute they areeeeee <3

In the whole floral series, 
this is the only angel that attracted me because it is soooo PINK! 
one of my favorite angel among the others! 

This little angel is from the limited Easter Series! 
it even has a T-shirt on :))

Here's another 6 Angels from the Animal Version 2 Series! 
I really love the animal series because their head gears are so adorable and their colors are just so vibrant and beautiful! 
Did I mentioned that every Angel's face and head gears are hand painted as well?
this is why their prices are so high, because every Angel is special in their own way. 

Here's a closer look of the animal head gears from the back, 
they don't only focus on their front view's details but there's also a lot of effort put in for their back designs. 
and of course, what is an angel without a pair of wings right?
so they have a pair of tinnie tiny wings! 

Why do people prefer Sonny Angels to accompany them?
because let's face it, everybody loves babies, 
they are adorable, lovable, and they just put a smile on everybody's face. 
So it's completely normal for people to love these angels especially girls! 
To think about it, 
they are even better than real life babies! 
1. They don't move around
2. We don't have to change pampers or clean their poopoo
3. They don't cry
4. Their body figure is exactly like a baby! 
5. you don't need to be pregnant for 9 months to get them ;)

Plus, we don't need to put any effort into taking care of them at all !

I was that crazy to the extent,
I got them mini pampers hahaha!
Just because these are just too hard to resist <3

They can be your new best friends, 
each of them are different and special, 
as you can see from here, even though their eye balls are painted in the same position, 
but their eye contacts are different as well as the sizes of their eyes :)

They're convenient to bring out when you just want to chill and read a book, 
they won't even make noises :P

You can also bring them to work like the OL from Japan! :)

We've got our Angels, 
have you? 
btw, C'Layrynn says hi :p

Sonny Angel will be celebrating their 10th year anniversary this 15th of May, 
so make sure to check them out as they will release a spectacular Limited Edition Sonny Angels to commemorate the decade milestone, also including their Sonny Angel 10th anniversary Complete Guide book which will list the details of all 21 series (304 designs) so far! 
for more informations, 
you can contact them through:


012-9321188 (Ben Lei) 

Serene Ong +60164225805 
We Chat : SereneOngQ

Also don't forget to LIKE their Facebook at:


Sonny Angels are available through promo-retail points at Paradigm Mall & 1Utama and also from special toy retail stores in major cities upon launch. 

Thanks for reading guys! 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed photographing it + writing it, 
and I will talk to you guys soon!
bye :D