Luxe Hair Care ( Baptain Salon)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

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Most of you would know that I had dyed my hair bright red and purple before, 
and also used strong bleach on my scalp. 
So you can imagine that my hair is dry and really weak.
I face the problem of hair loss and hair break all the time even though my hair not considered long. 
However, when I visited Baptain Hair Studio one day, they introduced me to SP Luxe Oil hair care.  It is Wella's latest reconstructive Transform Technology, 
it benefits hair inside and out, while protecting it from damage. 
I have with me here, a partial set of it, 
it contains hair shampoo, hair treatment mask and also the most important ingredient the treatment concept, which is the Luxe Oil serum. 

and how amazing is this oil?

The first step before applying any oil is to wash our hair, 
and I had tried using the Luxe shampoo as well, 
it smells like sweet candy, I believe any girl would love that sweet scent.
and it feels super clean especially the scalp area.

After washing our hair, its time to give our hair a little treat by applying the Luxe hair mask,
it reconstructs our hair fiber, preventing it from breaking and also chipping off. 
It'll also lock in the moisture for our hair to keep it healthy.

Here's the after effect of using the whole set of hair care, 
I forgotten to type in the *treatment cream at the first picture :)

After using this set of hair treatment, 
everyday is a good hair day for me!! :D
It made hair drying and styling so much easier, 
and my ends looks less dry :)

it looks so smooth and shiny! 

you can now book your appointment with Baptain hair salon for this amazing Luxe treatment now, 
every girl or guy needs to pamper themselves once in a while ;)

here's their address: 
03-03 A 3rd floor,G hotel, 
168APersiaran Gurney, 
10250 Penang, Malaysia. 

or call

their business hours is from 
11am-8pm (Mon - Sat), 
11am - 7pm (Sun) 

for more informations, 
check out



  1. How much is the whole set yea? :)

    1. Hello there, I'm not sure of the price for the whole set but u can call baptain to inquire for the price, if u don't want to buy, u can book appointment with baptain and they can do it for you with better results as they have the heater machine :)