The After taste

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The After Taste of Jasmine Rice
For the ones who had guess about the rice I use to cook for dinner, 
it is the Jasmine Sunwhite rice!

Why do i prefer Jasmine Sunwhite?
from the rice packet itself, I don’t find a lot of broken rice pieces, 
and also don’t have powdery feel to it.

Every grain of rice is full and long. 
When it is done cooking, it smells amazing, 
all of us should know that when we eat rice, we tend to taste a slight sweet glutinous taste, 
and that is how I judge by whether the rice is good or bad. 
Most of the time, rice have a sort of taste which doesn't include a sweet taste, 
but not the Jasmine Sunwhite Rice. 
While I was cooking the Jasmine Sunwhite rice, 
my aunt walk in to the kitchen and ask me what brand did I buy because it has an amazing fragrant that spread around the kitchen. 
No matter how tasty our vegetable are, 
we still need a bowl of proper rice to match perfectly with the vegetables.

Well, like what I mentioned earlier, 
every one of us work hard just for a bowl of rice, 
so we need to choose the best out of it, 
and appreciate every single grain. 

Look at mommy’s face!
she’s smiling when she eat! :)
Remember to try out Jasmine Sunwhite rice and don’t forget to leave a comment down below if you love it as much as I did! 
I will talk to you guys soon. 


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