Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yesterday, I was suppose to follow my class to a field trip to Whiteways Arcade in Weld Quay to interview an artist for his work.
Me and my friends were kind of lost and do not know where to meet our lecturer and classmates, 
and accidentally bumped into another art exhibition 
According to Steven, 
his uncle is actually involved in this art exhibition and we were so fortunate to get a chance to check out the art pieces! 

One of my favorite piece <3

Right after that, we found the place that we're suppose to be meeting the rest of our class, 
and it is also an art exhibition, 
we get to interview the artist and get to know more about his art works and inspirations etc. 
I just feel really inspired by the artist for the 2nd exhibition as he is daring enough to put his thoughts about politics on his art work even after he's banned from exhibition or competition. 
He's really so brave and I respect him for that. 
His art shouts for justice. 

Oh! and he mentioned that he is a fan of Star Wars too :P

One of my favorite piece, 
the late Karpal Singh. 
You were amazing, and you'll definitely be missed. 

Been spending so much time on photography, 
I actually started to hate it hahahaah! 
Although I did learn pretty much things from it ;)
I noticed that photographers love taking pictures of flowers, bugs etc. 
here you have it. Pink flowers HAHA

So colorful <3

I have something to do with colorful objects, 
I feel that it is so easy to shoot because having vibrant colors in a picture already make the whole image interesting. 
at least thats what I thought. 

Just a quick update about what I'm doing recently, 
and I felt so excited to post the picture of the few artworks that I had snapped. 
If you guys want to visit the exhibition, 
the Momentary LOST exhibition is above somewhere above subway in Whiteways Arcade. 
and as for the other art exhibition, 
it is right above Oldtown :)

That's all for today! 


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