Dinner for Four

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Food post !!

Heylooo *waves*
I think my darling best friend is going to kill me because I dragged this post for ages. 
anyways, I hardly post anything about food on my blog and I figured that it would be nice to share with you guys my favorite hang out place for dinner. 
A few weeks ago, me & C'Layrynn had planned a double date dinner and hang out day. 
so the four of us decided to head over to one of our favorite "fancy" place for dinner. 
- El Faro-
You know its fancy when the portion is tiny and it'll still cost you bomb. *just needed to say that*

I love taking photos of places recently. 
Don't know why, just feel like the atmosphere of a restaurant/café is fairly as important as their food. 
And most people only focus on the food which is not fair to the designer that put so much hard work and effort to the place! x)

We ordered a set for four, 
just because we were quite lazy to choose from the menu. 
there were 10 dishes in total.

there is a fish in the middle of the watermelon and mint, 
I don't really fancy this dish.....abit too fishy for me :/

Toasted Bread with Anchovy, Eggplant and Red Pepper. 
I loveeee this dish! the red pepper adds an amazing taste to the whole toast. 
There's a chicken thigh salad which I didn't bothered taking pic of, 
because it is so ugly HAHA. 

Capellini with Lumpfish Caviar
One of the most most delicious dish of the night. 
it looks like any other ordinary spaghetti, however, it is served as a cold dish. 
and yet, it doesn't taste as fishy as the first dish although its cold! 

And then we had Potato Bravas which I left out because I forgot about it. hahahaha
was too hungry that day so...
sorry guys x)

Spanish Bacon with Lychee Salsa

*I laughed at the name. I actually thought that it is something more than just a few pieces of sandwiches. Gosh* 

Seared Mackerel with Ponzu & Salsa Fresca
 This dish is DELISHHH! 

Gambas a la Plancha

El Faro Paella
Some what like risotto, but slightly nicer haha just because I don't have a thing for risottos so yeah. 
the prawn is yummmyyyyyy!

The girliessss!
my bunny bee C'Layrynn

Not vaining is sort of a crime for us, 
that is why we never missed any chance of selfie time! 

Last but not least, 
I'll end this post with a "food" quote


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