H-Artistry 2014

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hello people! *waves*
This post had been pending in draft for quite sometime and I finally get to squeeze out some time to post it :)
I still remember the first time attending it last year, 
everything was so new to me and my friends we felt like cave men escaped from jungle . 
[ perhaps cave-woman ]
Ever since then we kind of promised ourselves that we shan't miss the upcoming ones. 
This year they had a dress code for the event which is RED
But I am pretty sick of the color red already, 
I mean like I attended the event last year with RED long hair, and I have a red car...and everybody just calls me the "red head girl" so me & my friends just didn't bother and we decided to dress in monotone since its pretty neutral compared to other colors like green or blue.
I even set up a theory thing like if you wear red there, you're probably very obedient, 
if you wear black and white, its obvious you don't give a shit, 
but if your wear blue or yellow or something else, 
its either you're an attention seeker, or you just don't have anything to wear HAHAH
*sorry if I offended any of you ><*

Look at the crowd! I met so many people there include my neighbor man hahaha
I gotta admit that SPICE arena looks so much better compared to last time, 
it looks nicer after renovation.

My blogger girlfriendssss ! 
from left

Special thanks to Baptain G Hotel for the hair color and hairdo! 
really love my new greenish ash brown hair color! 
Do stay tune for the upcoming blog post about my hair dye as I will have a mini giveaway! 

This is Donovan! Thanks so much for the VIP passes to Zone O! :)

Ze boss man and ze girls 
H Artistry makes their guest feels like super star with the red carpet and backdrop and everything, 
and then of course, we must take more pictures to memorize that moment right girls ? ;)

this year, they make it a little bit different by adding an entrance before the actual event space,
there's a few tables there for people to chill out before/after the event.

Abit sad the fact that me & my best friend only had 2 pictures that night :(
was too busy partying and forgot to take pics with her although I was with her the whole night hahaha
Its okayyy many years to come bunny :P
my super ultimate girlfriend, like literally. hahaha 

Like I mentioned in my resolution post, 
my food partner, workout partner, assignment partner AND party partner ;)

Helped her doll up before the event, gotta love this pic and this girl! 
[Partner in crime]

Imma *bleep* Youup spinning last song of the night! 
the dancers are amazing too that night,
but if you must know, the angmo with the striking post is the best dancer on stage, 
I was staring at her most of the time, ignoring the other dancers HAHA. 
She's super pretty as well! 

Selfieeeee with Imma *bleep* Youup

My companion of the night! 
from left
*C'Layrynn, Nicole Chang, Sinlinn, me*

I met a new friend that night hahah ! Sinlinn 
super pretty girl that resembles bait of Carey Ng. 

Hi babe! 
my all time high school bestieee YC, 
its totally impossible for me to party at a place without this girl. HAHA
she's one of my friend that does fun and stupid things with. 
*also not to mention the craziest friend :P*

Nicole Changgg 
Lost for such a long time but I'm glad that she's finally back! 
Please do attend more events with me & C'Layrynn. Don't always hilang x) 

This was my outfit for the night, 
simple peplum tube top sponsored by Melody Wardrobe, 
wedges from Kiss & Tell. 

thats pretty much it for this post, 
I had a great time catching up with a bunch of friends, 
and also feels great to meet some of the readers there! 

Good day! 

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