Girls should smell good.

Monday, June 30, 2014

I don't think I have to explain much about my title, 
as it says it all. 
yes, all girls should not only look good, dress decent, but also smells good, 
because it leaves a good impression to strangers. 
This is also why I strongly suggest girls that has EXTRA BODY ODOR to use deodorant. 
No offense *already offending*, 
the onion-ish body odor does not want a guy go like "I want that woman, & put a ring on her finger*
it is not attractive at all, 
I understand that when you girls/guys read this paragraph, 
you will deny and say that it is nearly impossible for people to expose that "scent" in public, 
but trust me, 
I've met and "smell" people like that, 
they DO EXIST. 

Not to mention, 
I feel like it is another form of disrespectful to others that you actually smell bad, 
how on earth can you bare talking to a person that smells like onion? 

not so attractive right?
its also bloody distracting. 

Ever wonder why there's so many different brands of perfume out there?
Even if it is ONE brand, they will produce different types of scent. 
For me, I personally feel that each person needs to have a perfume scent that suits their personality, 
this will not only increase the positive impression points from a stranger, 
but the next time they came across similar scent, 
they will eventually remember you and think of you. 

I understand that most people use the same perfume, 
because certain perfume is famous for long lasting and it smells amazing yadi yadi yada.... 
for my personal experience, 
whatever perfume I use, it will sort of adapt to my skin and form into another type of scent which is genuinely "MY SCENT" 
it sounds pretty disgusting, but its true. 

for example, using the same eye shadow, eye liner, double eyelid sticker, 
doesn't make you look like the person you're trying to imitate so hard, 
because every person is beautiful the way they are, 
so the things they use on their face will present another type of beauty that no one can ever recreate. 

There was once my friend asked me, 
are you going to share where you get these products from? because if you share it out and if people started buying the same thing, it won't be special anymore. 
I told her that yeah it won't be special anymore but whatever I can do with it, 
others can't bring out the same feeling. 
you know what I'm saying?

Its just like Nicki Minaj & Miley Cyrus, 
Nicki used to twerk so much in her first few music videos 
but nobody discriminates her for being "porn" *quoted from Miranda Sings*

when Miley started twerking, 
the whole world started talking. 

According to Nicki on The Ellen show, 
she said :" its the black girl thing." 
and its true, if you do something that is a little bit against your culture, 
people will talk. 
and that also brings us back to my 2nd point, 
different people carry different feel to certain things they present or do. 

Some one presented something nice, 
doesn't mean you can, 
but it also doesn't mean that you can't turn it into your style, 
and make it better. 

a random perfume topic brought us this far huh?
a wide topic I would say ;)
I've been in love with 2 fragrances that I recently got, 
I bought 1 by myself, another is a gift from daddy, 
YES HE IS BACK !!!!! *for only a few weeks ;(*

Randome pics by bestfriend C'Layrnn while shopping in Jo Malone

Wasn't satisfied with just a fragrance, 
room must smell good as well, 
so die die also need to get a scented candle ;)

Fragrance scent in peony, 
scented candle in french lime blossom

Valentino Fragrance set from daddy <3
always treat me like a true princess

So thats pretty much it for my blog post today, 
nothing special, 
not even a proper haul. 
Just sharing my opinions about "scent" hahahaha

Goodnight x


V line Facial Slimming !

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hello beautifuls!
Most of you girls should know that I have a chubbier face compared to others thanks to my super high cheek bone and baby fat, 
however, I'm still a girl, 
so I always prefer slimmer jaw line as it makes our appearance seem more mature and outstanding. 
Every month without any miss, 
I will go for facial slimming sessions for my face to reduce the puffy-ness, 
but unfortunately, for this month, I didn't have any extra time to go for the slimming facial,  
so my face appear so much puffier compared to the last few months. 
Thank god for SuperModels Secret
they gifted me a box of life saver for me. 

Supermodel's Secret is an online beauty store which sells tons of affordable beauty products that brings amazing results to us women, 
I personally love their slogan, 
Get Gorgeous * No Surgery 
Which I agree very much, because nowadays, plastic surgery had became too common to society, 
that influenced most of us to want to go under the knife just to be beautiful.
No doubt I once dreamed of getting my eyes & nose done,
but then again, it is quite stupid to put ourselves under the knife when we are a fully fine & healthy person. 
I don't have anything against surgery, but honestly, just don't have the guts to. HAHA

Also, Supermodels Secret is found by Michelle C, 
every single product is guaranteed to be safe to use as she personally done a lot of research before launching the product on their page, 
" never believe in going under the knife too, and hence I look for alternatives that works almost as well or just as well, only when needed. My beauty regime and skincare are important too; I believe in natural ingredients to maintain a youthful skin. Whatever is in Supermodel's Secrets is chosen/tried/tested by me and I personally endorse each and every product." - Michelle C
*will also do a review on the snowy white milky pack for you guys soon! :)*

Back to our main topic, 
there are 7 pieces of Extra V-line Lift up sheet masks in a box + a V-Line Neoprene. 

As you can see from the box, 
the sheet masks are supposedly going to keep our chin up and visibly reduces thick chin and reshapes the facial contours. 

Neoprene gives a bit more pressure to our face, so that the sheet masks gets support to stay on, 
and also helps tightened our face, preventing it from sagging. 

Most importantly,
How to use? 
Just 2 simple steps! 

Leave the sheet mask & neoprene on for 30-40 mins ! 

Results time!!!!! 
Can you believe it?! 
I'm not sure if you can see it from the pictures above, but I'm so impressed! 
my horrendous facial muscle line is gone after just using it twice!! 
even my jaw line is less saggy, even my chubby cheeks are now more tightened. 

Another before and after, 
So what is my verdict?
I think it is such a genius idea for girls that wants to save time and money but yet still wants a pretty face, 
Supermodel's Secret shows us that we can be pretty even if we don't spend a scary amount of money, 
we can always be beautiful without surgery :)

Supermodel's secret to beauty?
Now I've got their secret, have you? ;))
All of the pictures in this blog post are not photoshopped at all, 
I only adjusted the lightings, and did not do any other liquifying editings,
this shows that the mask really do work ! :)
*this is also why my nose is so flat in this post! hahahaha talk about natural beauty :P* 

Don't forget to check Supermodel's secret out too! 
they have much more other skin care & beauty products :)
Online store:

their blog:



Shop Address:
1st Floor, 41a Jalan SS15/4B
Subang Jaya 47500


Marble Arts | Lookbook5

Friday, June 20, 2014

Hello to all my beautiful readers ! 
Ever since I take up photography, 
I tend to look out for artistic prints and style to make my photos stand out more. 
I fell deeply in love with Marble Prints. 
Its unbelievable how such simple print can be so beautiful . 
Its not mainstream like floral or lace.
With just 2 most basic color, 
mixing together and forming cracked designs,
 is such a genius idea to present the beauty of simplicity. 
In other words, 
Fashion imitates Interior
 I got a bit cray over marble prints and the photos below proves it all. 

First off! 
I got this Marble designed blouse from 

Its a little bit oversized for me, but a pair of heels can solve my problem ;)
and please don't judge me for using the same bag over and over x) because this bag is super worth okay ! can match with most of my boring outfits HAHAH.

Also, I finally got my Daniel Wellington timeless piece ! 
So much love for this watch ! it matches my marble outfit perfectly :) ♥

Sunnies- Burberry 
Rings- H&M
Nails by - Nail Bar Penang
*please excuse my horrendous double eyelid sticker*

So far, I've only came across Charles & Keith with the idea of marble print clutch, 
I've never really seen other places selling marble design bags.
I spotted this bag on their website when it haven't even arrived in store, 
it was seriously love at first sight, I HAD TO GET IT. 

The marble prints seriously sexified the whole clutch. 
without the prints, it would just be, another clutch.
I've always thought that Charles & Keith's bags are just average, not over the top and also affordable. 
However, this time, GOOD JOB CHARLES & KEITH!  ♥ ♥

Then again, 
one photo isn't enough. 

Last but not least, 
when I go cray about something, I'll go all out. 
So I did marble nail art this month! 
Special thanks to my all time nail sponsor Nail Bar Penang for designing this gorgeous set of nails for me! ♥ 
I specially requested this design myself as the person told me that she didn't try marble arts before, 
she herself wasn't too sure whether it will work or not, 
but with her professional experience and skills, 
she made me proud with my beautiful marble nails!  ♥ ♥

 do call them for bookings at :
04-228 2022 / 016- 435 7463

124-D Jalan Burma (Right before Penang Plaza)
GPS Coordinates: 
5.420824, 100.325458

working hours:

Thank you guys for reading! 
Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did during the shooting process.
Hopefully in the future I'll be able to squeeze more time out to share about my favorites, and also personal style *not too sure if I have one*

Don't forget to follow me on instagram @jxhia to check out my daily pictures ! 


Breakfast for lunch.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Being in KL for a few days kind of messed up my eating schedule, 
because I wake up pretty late compared to my normal life in penang like around 12 or 1pm so it kind of killed my appetite for breakfast or shall I say BRUNCH? 
So my routine during that few days is getting up late, get dressed, doll up, -----> Shopping. 
my 4 days routine in KL. Considered normal lor for girls haha! 
During Day 3, 
we decided to have late lunch in The Good Batch which is located in damansara, 
just some where near my favorite nasi lemak place Village Park! 

I expected their place to be a little smaller and crowded, 
because The Alley & Mustache Café surprised me with their super tiny cafe space, so from then on I put low expectations for most cafés just cause I don't want to disappoint myself HAHAHA.
but to my surprise its actually pretty cozy in there and considered quite roomy, 
at least the tables are far enough to prevent awkward situations.

Coffee art has became one of my "insta obsession" although most of the cafés only draw heart shape or fern leaf -.-
every single time I get a cup of coffee with coffee art, it brightens up my day I don't even know why, 
little things like that makes me happy haha.

One thing I love most about The Good Batch is because they serve breakfast set all day, 
and me, being a lazy bum as always, never really get chances to enjoy my breakfast meal because I always rush to college & skip my breakfast, so most of the time, I'll stuck in class with an empty hungry stomach. *super unhealthy* trying to change though, BUT ITS HARDDDDD. D:

so this time, even though we woke up late but we get to have english breakfast set for lunch here! 
my dish is named - The Angmoh
super angmoh lor the name hahaha suitable for such a typical english breakfast

C'Layrynn's dish, Portobello Road
the fried patty in the middle is actually......MUSHROOM! 
can you even guess it without me telling you?! It looks like a piece of meat hahah
Stole a bite from her and it tasted like heaven I'm not even kidding.

Because one picture isn't enough.

The sunlight was so bright and beautiful I just couldn't stop snapping pics there, 
something about the sunlight that makes everything looks artistic, 
even these props looks artistic. 

Credits to bff C'layrynn! 
lots of people photobomb behind but still love this pic!

And of course, 
15th of June has passed, I had already picked out the 3 hair voucher winner !
Congratulations to
1. Cloey Teng
2. Ann Tan
3. Lixiang Ho

I will personally Facebook inbox you guys about the further details! :)
For those who did not succeed in getting the voucher, don't be too upset too!! 
as you can quote my name "Jxhia Wong" in Baptain G hotel to get 20% off from your total bill :D