Breakfast for lunch.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Being in KL for a few days kind of messed up my eating schedule, 
because I wake up pretty late compared to my normal life in penang like around 12 or 1pm so it kind of killed my appetite for breakfast or shall I say BRUNCH? 
So my routine during that few days is getting up late, get dressed, doll up, -----> Shopping. 
my 4 days routine in KL. Considered normal lor for girls haha! 
During Day 3, 
we decided to have late lunch in The Good Batch which is located in damansara, 
just some where near my favorite nasi lemak place Village Park! 

I expected their place to be a little smaller and crowded, 
because The Alley & Mustache Café surprised me with their super tiny cafe space, so from then on I put low expectations for most cafés just cause I don't want to disappoint myself HAHAHA.
but to my surprise its actually pretty cozy in there and considered quite roomy, 
at least the tables are far enough to prevent awkward situations.

Coffee art has became one of my "insta obsession" although most of the cafés only draw heart shape or fern leaf -.-
every single time I get a cup of coffee with coffee art, it brightens up my day I don't even know why, 
little things like that makes me happy haha.

One thing I love most about The Good Batch is because they serve breakfast set all day, 
and me, being a lazy bum as always, never really get chances to enjoy my breakfast meal because I always rush to college & skip my breakfast, so most of the time, I'll stuck in class with an empty hungry stomach. *super unhealthy* trying to change though, BUT ITS HARDDDDD. D:

so this time, even though we woke up late but we get to have english breakfast set for lunch here! 
my dish is named - The Angmoh
super angmoh lor the name hahaha suitable for such a typical english breakfast

C'Layrynn's dish, Portobello Road
the fried patty in the middle is actually......MUSHROOM! 
can you even guess it without me telling you?! It looks like a piece of meat hahah
Stole a bite from her and it tasted like heaven I'm not even kidding.

Because one picture isn't enough.

The sunlight was so bright and beautiful I just couldn't stop snapping pics there, 
something about the sunlight that makes everything looks artistic, 
even these props looks artistic. 

Credits to bff C'layrynn! 
lots of people photobomb behind but still love this pic!

And of course, 
15th of June has passed, I had already picked out the 3 hair voucher winner !
Congratulations to
1. Cloey Teng
2. Ann Tan
3. Lixiang Ho

I will personally Facebook inbox you guys about the further details! :)
For those who did not succeed in getting the voucher, don't be too upset too!! 
as you can quote my name "Jxhia Wong" in Baptain G hotel to get 20% off from your total bill :D


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  1. Hellooooo!:D can i know what camera are you using? Your photos in your blog is really nice!!! Thanks!