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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Helloooooo *waves*
I am finally back from Kay Elle with my bestfriend C'Layrynn. 
We had such a great time there just pure bonding, 
also can't believe that we planned this months ago and now we're back from the short trip already haha. 
On the first day, we actually did nothing much, 
because we reached at around 1pm so we just had Uncle Jang's for lunch and shop a little bit in Mid valley and had dinner in Plan B (not reccomended, taste super bad, their water is served with tap water, yes, no doubt that we can even taste the chlorine smell :/) 
The next day, we had lunch with fellow blogger friend, Chenelle Wen in La Bodega, Pavillion.

Our super satisfying lunch!
*Photo taken by bestf C'Layrynn with ma cam hehe* 
the atmosphere is really so relaxing, 
an amazing place for friends to chill and hang out! 

The Club Sandwich is realllyyyyyyy goood as well, 
although it doesn't really look like a proper lunch because it looks kind of little, 
but I got so full by just eating ONE club sandwich. 
I believe my appetite in KL kind of got out of control because we tend to skip breakfast, have late lunch and have minimum portion for dinner, 
or just simply skip dinner ! hahaha

After lunch we just shop around Pavillion and later on went over to Troika to have our dinner.
We went to ABC-AcmeBar & Coffee, 

We didn't eat much as mentioned previously, 
but we had dessert and pizza! 
Sizzling brownieeee <3

Hello pretty girllll! 

Groupieeee! <3
thanks for bringing us around KL girl! really nice meeting you again hehe
*from left*

Vain pot pic is a must although I didn't really selca much in KL, 
just focus on food food food and more food. hahahah

Thanks for reading guys, 
Although there's nothing much to write about the day because its just another typical day out with girls, 
just feel guilty the fact that I abandoned my blog for more than a week already. 
till the next time !


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