Girls should smell good.

Monday, June 30, 2014

I don't think I have to explain much about my title, 
as it says it all. 
yes, all girls should not only look good, dress decent, but also smells good, 
because it leaves a good impression to strangers. 
This is also why I strongly suggest girls that has EXTRA BODY ODOR to use deodorant. 
No offense *already offending*, 
the onion-ish body odor does not want a guy go like "I want that woman, & put a ring on her finger*
it is not attractive at all, 
I understand that when you girls/guys read this paragraph, 
you will deny and say that it is nearly impossible for people to expose that "scent" in public, 
but trust me, 
I've met and "smell" people like that, 
they DO EXIST. 

Not to mention, 
I feel like it is another form of disrespectful to others that you actually smell bad, 
how on earth can you bare talking to a person that smells like onion? 

not so attractive right?
its also bloody distracting. 

Ever wonder why there's so many different brands of perfume out there?
Even if it is ONE brand, they will produce different types of scent. 
For me, I personally feel that each person needs to have a perfume scent that suits their personality, 
this will not only increase the positive impression points from a stranger, 
but the next time they came across similar scent, 
they will eventually remember you and think of you. 

I understand that most people use the same perfume, 
because certain perfume is famous for long lasting and it smells amazing yadi yadi yada.... 
for my personal experience, 
whatever perfume I use, it will sort of adapt to my skin and form into another type of scent which is genuinely "MY SCENT" 
it sounds pretty disgusting, but its true. 

for example, using the same eye shadow, eye liner, double eyelid sticker, 
doesn't make you look like the person you're trying to imitate so hard, 
because every person is beautiful the way they are, 
so the things they use on their face will present another type of beauty that no one can ever recreate. 

There was once my friend asked me, 
are you going to share where you get these products from? because if you share it out and if people started buying the same thing, it won't be special anymore. 
I told her that yeah it won't be special anymore but whatever I can do with it, 
others can't bring out the same feeling. 
you know what I'm saying?

Its just like Nicki Minaj & Miley Cyrus, 
Nicki used to twerk so much in her first few music videos 
but nobody discriminates her for being "porn" *quoted from Miranda Sings*

when Miley started twerking, 
the whole world started talking. 

According to Nicki on The Ellen show, 
she said :" its the black girl thing." 
and its true, if you do something that is a little bit against your culture, 
people will talk. 
and that also brings us back to my 2nd point, 
different people carry different feel to certain things they present or do. 

Some one presented something nice, 
doesn't mean you can, 
but it also doesn't mean that you can't turn it into your style, 
and make it better. 

a random perfume topic brought us this far huh?
a wide topic I would say ;)
I've been in love with 2 fragrances that I recently got, 
I bought 1 by myself, another is a gift from daddy, 
YES HE IS BACK !!!!! *for only a few weeks ;(*

Randome pics by bestfriend C'Layrnn while shopping in Jo Malone

Wasn't satisfied with just a fragrance, 
room must smell good as well, 
so die die also need to get a scented candle ;)

Fragrance scent in peony, 
scented candle in french lime blossom

Valentino Fragrance set from daddy <3
always treat me like a true princess

So thats pretty much it for my blog post today, 
nothing special, 
not even a proper haul. 
Just sharing my opinions about "scent" hahahaha

Goodnight x


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