New Colour + giveaway.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Its been awhile since I last dyed my hair, 
as in totally change a new color, 
I think the last time I had a total transformation for my hair was the time where I changed my color from brown to red, and from red to purple then in the end go back to dark brown.
so this time I decided to give ash tone color a try since I never tried ash color before. 
I never really dare to bleach my hair because I've witness people that have bleached their hair before and most of their hair look horrendous as time passes that part really scares me.
So just because I want to try out ash color, I had to bleach my hair.
Special thanks to my current hair sponsor Baptain Salon
they help me maintain my hair super duper well! 

Here is Samantha & Alvan bleaching my brown hair :)

hello hello! :)

if I walk out like this, I don't know whether I should laugh or cry HAHA
but it looks so much like sailor moon though, 
and I had this dream when I was younger, which was having sailor moon's hair. 
*I believe a lot of you girls had thought of this when you're younger too! :P*

the whole hair dye process :)
my brown hair was slowly turning back to red hair which is really quite depressing, 
because many of you admire my red hair as the color don't fade away, 
but seriously, after some time, it annoys me. 
Because it is impossible for me to change a new color, 
thank god this time after my 2nd time bleaching, it totally washes off the red tone.

Hair dye! Super excited because it is my first try for ash color :))

After applying bleach and hair dye on my scalp and hair, 
my hair will be more dry and damaged compared to my original hair quality, 
so my hair stylist did an amazing treatment for my hair that supposedly heal my hair and let it stay healthy and shiny! 

You might find this brand familiar with this hair treatment brand as I previously blogged about it before, 
the reason why my hair remain so strong and healthy is because I took extra care of it with using this treatment! 
you can read about it from my blog post HERE
Honestly, this treatment really saved my hair's life, 
100% honest review because I myself use the whole set of hair care by this brand for my hair everyday and I will continue purchasing this product! 

So here's how the color looks like right after it is done, 
super in love with how the color has a little bit of grey and green tone in it! 
and of course, after all those bleaching, my hair is still alive, 
I seriously gotta give credits to Baptain Salon for maintaining my hair for me so well, 
for most of you who had dyed your hair or even bleached it before, 
you should know very well that it is nearly impossible to keep our hair look & feel that amazing unless you're super rich and doesn't mind spending that amount to maintain.

Now my hair length is considered shoulder length, 
its so much easier for me to style it or tie it up! 
Which one do you prefer? 
Straight or curl? ;)

its been a while since the last time I giveaway something on my blog, 
so I'm gonna be giving out 3 discount card to my readers that want to change their hairstyle or simply just want beautiful hair! 
Each discount card is worth 30%! 

just 3 steps, 
1. Like "Baptain Salon" on Facebook, 
2. Subscribe me on my blog [ on my side bar ]. 
3. Comment below by telling me what you're going to do to your hair with the discount card, don't forget to attach your email and Facebook name too! 

And of course, I will pick out 3 winners with the best comments ! 

The deadline will be 15th of June
so you have 14 days to think about what you want to do with your hair hahah! 
so I wish all of you best of luck! 



  1. I will get my hair dyed with the colour I always wanted to try (the colour u previously dyed-redish) and give myself a brand new look for a brand new month. It could also give me a brand new start for my next 6 months and give a good ending to the year of 2014.

    Fb: sue ween

  2. I will get myself a curly hair and dye it into brown so i will look pretty and sexy before i end this boring year~
    Fb:Eriol Loh

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  4. Im going to dye my hair in dark brown to cover up all my extremely-annoying white hairs! Will do treatment & recurl my hair as well since my last curl on january! Btw may I know the price range for waist length hair? :)


  5. Probably gonna get a haircut & treatment for my current unmanageable hay-liked hair which is super annoying >_<

    FB: Rachael Imm (宝音)

  6. I will get a hair treatment or probably a new hair color for a brand new look of myself. I could not wait to explore the best look of me through hair fashion. It is a fun thing to do, yet scary as you are not sure how the outcome is ;D

    FB: Leny Wiratan

  7. Im going to dye my hair as dip-dye hair look messy currently and of course treatment is a must to make my hair look smooth.


  8. With those discount card, i would want to dye my hair to the colour of lavendar ash with violet and did some hair treatment after dye. This would be my 1st time dye my hair. At first, i was afraid of my hair condition after dye. But after your hair review, i woult like to give it a try.

    Facebook: Ann Tan

  9. With those discount card, I wish to have treatment for my super dry hair as I heard that Baptain Salon's treatment is really good. I really want to get a try! Maybe I will cut my hair to shoulder length and also perm my hair too? I really want to get this voucher. I wanted to go for the treatment before but I am just a student. its expensive for me. It's good for me to have the discounts card while keeping my hair healthy!

    facebook: Lixiang Ho