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Monday, July 14, 2014

I am back with more personal café reviews! 
I just love going to cafés with my loved ones during the weekends,
we can catch up and at the same time check out new places for chilling! 
A lot of times, I was totally cheated by most of the instagram posts, 
for example when I see a few of my friends post pictures of a new café saying that the environment is nice, food nice everything...BULLSHIT. 
This is why I don't trust penang's cafés anymore, 
because majority cafés here are so crowded and small unlike the ones in KL. 
Mustache house is one of the cafés that disappoint me the most, 
each tables are so close to each other to the extent that I can hear what people from other table are discussing about.
But ever since I visited Coffee Smith, I still have that tiny shiny beacon of hope for other new cafés. 

B&W café, 
also another café that I was looking forward to visit after viewing it from instagram posts.
Disappoint me once again. 
I gotta give it to them that they really are creative for the interior designs and ideas for the café to be decorated entirely with card board, but, not a very comfortable atmosphere for chilling for me lah. 
I went there with my bunny bestfie C'Layrynn and her boyf + 2 other friends, 
and we were worried about the chair and table all the while as it is made of cardboard, 
don't know when is it going to break ><

Do not be fooled by the pictures, 
it really isn't THAT nice in reality hahaha. 

Cold drinks are served in the cardboard box that you see above, 
if you order hot drinks, 
you get the paper cup on the left. WITH NO COFFEE ART :(
damn sad lor I tell you. 
Coffee art always makes me happy. they should have it. 
So after being their for like 15 minutes, 
I was so bored I requested my friends to change location, 
so we decided to check out the new café next to Sweet time in Sugar Honey. 

The Safe Room!
This is so different from the café we went before this, 
another type of creativity which, I prefer, more artistic and fun. 

Gotta love the chairs, although they don't provide any alcohol drinks there ;)

There are also some playing cards and games provided there, 
perfect for gathering or bonding session with buddies! 
Even though the place is quite noisy as it is considered quite big compared to other penang cafés, 
but I still feel quite comfortable hanging out there.

you tell me lah, 
how can I not love this café? ;)

Their signature Nitrogen Ice cream in Strawberry flavor!!
perfect for a hot sunny day <3

There's a "safe room" with a real life tree painted in white inside, 
that we are allowed to "lock" love locks on it :)
a little bit stuffy inside but its not like you're going to stay inside for long right? haha

my bunny 小情人 HAHAH <3

thats pretty much it for today's post, 
a quick update on my least favorite café and current favorite café :)
do stay tuned on my blog for my next skin care review! 


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