Be as Fair as Snow White

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hey beautifuls! 
Have you ever dream of being as fair as snow white? 
I know I have……HAHAH
Snow white is the iconic character that every girls dream to become, 
Skin as fair as snow, lips as red as rose.
I don’t believe any girls would want to be as dark as Pocahontas right..? hahaha
unless you’re super athletic and want to have a “healthy looking” complexion, 
or else most girly girls would prefer fairer looking complexion. 
Lets don’t talk about Disney characters, 
even till now, 
a lot of girls look up to Korean beauties as they have beautiful fair looking skin that is as clear as glass! 
Recently, I hang out ( WALK ) a lot around town areas especially Weld Quay, 
because of my college photocomm assignment, 
that is why if most of you had noticed, my skin turned a lot tanner than last time. 
I’ve got a lot of extra tanned lines even on my foot! 
Special thanks to SuperModels Secrets for this amazing whitening lotion, 
my skin is now back to my normal skin tone! 
If you haven’t read my last post about the LUS V line Lift Up mask, 
you can view it HERE :)

Supermodel Secrets products never seem to let me down, 
I personally tried them out and I am just amazed by their results, 
and my verdict is…..I LOVE THEM ! 

Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack contained Niacinamide, 
It help to brighten and whiten the skin complexion instantly, 
Not only that, it also absorbs really quickly and super easy to apply. 
The whitening agent niacinamide willy multiply the whitening effects. 
Also to let your skin feel more moisture and soft.
Besides that, our skin looks more natural and brightened! 

Look how it instantly brightens up my complexion !! 

Nobody likes sticky and greasy lotions, 
it really disgusts me whenever I apply some really sticky lotions that never dry, 
I can’t even sleep on my white bed properly as I’m 24/7 worried about it leaving stains on my comfy bed. 
Snow White Milky Pack absorbs super duper fast 
it is water proof, like ???

I didn't even know until I went to wash my hands and I realized that it doesn't leave any unwanted residue and it doesn't feel oily or slimy when I wash my hand WITH the lotion on!! 

I know one picture is not enough to prove how much I’m impressed, 
I used it for only a week and the difference is already so so so obvious!!! 

Fulfill your dream of being Snow White now! :D

Don't forget to check Supermodel's secret out too! 
they have much more other skin care & beauty products :)
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