Coffee Smith Penang

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I had been to lots and lots of cafés recently, 
I don't even know why  but I just love hanging out with my friends and loved ones there, 
just to spend time and catch up with them. 
I recently spotted this new café in sungai pinang "accidentally", 
this happened during Mindfuck's new lookbook photoshoot and I instantly fell in love with the café, 
I went back to the café 3 times that week, I'm crazy I know. 
Coffee Smith 

The environment is amazing, 
the atmosphere is wonderful IF there's not many people in there. 

I had such a great time having lunch there, 
I don't even have the "negative" mood in me, I don't know why. 

Helllooooooooo I still love my phone cover even if its outdated already,
got 感情 k 

Amazing tinted glass with newspaper prints on it, 
super creative right! I thought so too :)
seriously gotta love the interior, so much effort put into the designs weyh. 

the coffee is good too! 
as I previously mentioned in my past blog post, 
coffee had became my personal obsession on my instagram ;)

Wallace's lunch for that day, 
didn't bother to take mine because its a typical spaghetti haha 
seriously love how they use the wooden plate, it makes the whole dish looks so much more artistic. 

Daydreaming about the day when I'm successful and own a café of my own that is as pretty as Coffee Smith hahahhaa! 

after this short post about Coffee Smith, here's a preview of Mindfuck's latest photoshoot!
their new collection, 
Mind Fuck Reverse. 

this was shot in Coffee smith's other side, 
I didn't have the chance to take picture there when I was having lunch because a bunch of people were there and it'll be awkward for me to just take a random shot of them ><

This time, 
Nicole couldn't make it for the shoot, 
so we invited one of my close childhood friend 
*drum rollsssssss*
Lara !!!!
She looks super gorgeous in these pictures that made me look like a potato hahahha

Watcha staring at huh? :P

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! 
its a random update sooooo...mai hiam lah okay?
till the next time! 


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