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Friday, July 25, 2014

Hellooooo readers, 
this post had been pending for tooooo long that makes me feel super guilty, 
but this was one of the most satisfying breakfast I've ever had, 
and yes, breakfast, 
I actually woke up at 9 am for breakfast hehe :p
I'm not really a morning person.........but yet, also not a night person, 
I don't know what kind of person I am HAHA. 
afternoon perhaps. 
this time, me & baby Carmen Layrynn decided to try our ferringhi garden's breakfast, 
although I stay in bath ferringhi, and it is approximately like 5 minutes away from my place, 
but hardly any friends are willing to travel all the way here for breakfast hahahhaha! too far dude. 

the ambience there is amazing, 
I was so mesmerize by the environment, 
there's outdoor and indoor dining area, but me & Carmen decided to sit outdoor as it feels more relaxed with the flowers and nature :)

is this orchid? hahaha I'm not sure, 
but randomly just shot this while waiting for my meal.

such a lovely environment, 
there were like leaves dropping on our food all the way hahaha
if you love nature then okay lah.

coffeee addictzzzz 
what is this suppose to be?
horse? seahorse perhaps..? or is it a swan ?! 
I don't know man .... stress . hahaha

Carmen's dish, 
FCG Brekkie

this is KJ's meal, 
Eggs Benedict

Sausage, Beef Bacon & Portobello 
this is my dish!!!!
super big portion lor please. 
and super yummy tooooooo

wanna tryyyyy ? ;)

my super lazy ootd

Our only selfieeeeee

Our next destination was to a cafe to hangout and catch up! 

see lah, 
best friend really is best friend, 
even shoes also almost same hahahhaa
the only difference is that hers is a wedge, mine is a sandal.
hers- Forever 21
mine- Topshop

visited CaLèFè Houz :)
its not bad lah i would say, 
but just not as special lorr..
and the drinks I would highly recommend is the mixed drinks with ginger & mint, 
freaking nice sia. 
okay lahhh
thats pretty much it for my mini update :)

till the next time ! 

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