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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hello guys !
I am here to share my usual skin care routine with you guys today,
it is a little bit different from my usual skin care routine as the weather is so much more humid and hotter, so my skin is starting to pop pimples and my skin is getting more and more dry to the extent the skin around my nose is starting to peel.
Hence, I changed my skin care products that will give higher hydration effect to my skin.

Thanks to Sapphire 218 for all the lovely skin care products as well as the cute Hello Kitty Power bank!! <3
I will be reviewing 3 products for you today,
I’ve been using these products for 2 weeks, and these products definitely do get a triple thumbs up from me IF I have a third hand HAHA.

- Rolli B pore sonic cleanser
                                                    - Doctorcos Amino Acid Hybrid
                                                    - Petitfee Gold eye & spot patch

The first thing I will be reviewing would be the Rolli B pore cleanser,
Previously, I was already using Pobling pore sonic cleanser and I absolutely love how much the pore sonic cleanse my skin,
it leaves my skin with a smooth texture and does not make the foam cleaser feeling dry on my skin.

However, Rolli B works double the better as it is a lot bigger.

As you can see the sizes are slightly different,

Rolli B ’s handle is much more bigger and easier to hold as it has a rounder design that is easier for our hand to grip on.  

The brush head is so so so soft, that it is more effective in cleansing our clogged pores !
the button is to stimulate the pore sonic so that it will vibrate as we cleanse our skin surface.

Rolli B also comes with a stand so that we don't have to leave our Rolli B on our table surface that will contaminate our brush that will lead to clogging our skin pores.

The structure of the pore sonic cleanser can be separated,
So when we need to cleanse our brush head, we can easily take it off to rinse so that we don’t have to worry about the water slipping into the battery slot that will supposedly spoil the entire pore cleanser.
the battery used for this pore sonic is triple A  batteries ! 

Here’s my step to step of cleasing my face with the Rolli B pore sonic cleanser !!
Step 1: select your favourite cleanser, for me, I prefer foam cleanser
Step 2: Dot the cleanser evenly on your face with your preferable amount
Step 3: Use the pore sonic cleanser to cleanse your face according to the motion I stated in the fourth pic above.
Step 4: Rinse off your face and pore sonic cleanser head with water.


Next is to treat our flaws on our faces with facial mask,
My choice of treatment is this Petitfee Gold eye & spot patch!

 It is made from Korea,

The ingredients contains: Gold, aloe extract, ginseng extract, caviar extract & green  tea extract!
All of the ingredients included are suitable for soothing the eye area and reduce puffiness.

It contains 60 eye patches and 30 spot patches,

Here’s how to use it!

1.     After cleasing our faces, adjust our skin with our favourite toner
2.     Take out the eye patches with the spatula given in the box, to avoid the other patches from being contaminated.
3.     Fit the patches onto the area that we want to treat
4.     Remove the patches after 30 minutes and massage our faces for furthere absorption.

Last but not least,
This step is fairly important as it prevents our skin from being dehydrated and oily.
I previously mentioned this,
Our skin’s hydration level and oil level must be at least the same so that our skin wont get too dehydrated and release the extra oil to our face surface.
My current favourite moisturizing overnight mask is also a product from Korea,
I think it is quite famous, I’m not too sure, but I read a lot of positive reviews from it,
Hence, I decided to give it a try.
My verdict is,

Doctorcos Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask Advanced is an innovative water-enriched facial treatment that boosts skin's moisture levels by 98.19%! Moist veil network technology restores skin's elasticity and smoothness to give a velvety, even textured complexion. Skin instantly appears brighter and whiter with weekly use. This unique mask creates actual droplets of moisture upon contact with your skin! Unlike conventional masks which contain only one type of humectant (e.g. sodium hyaluronate), the Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask Advanced also pampers your skin with these nourishing ingredients:
-    Amino acids: easily absorbed through the dermal layers, accelerate cell metabolism, enhancing skin's ability to retain moisture
-    Hyaluronic Acid: a renowned moisturizing ingredient that efficiently moisturises skin for over 24 hours
-    Epidermal growth factor EGF: promotes repair of epidermal tissues, locking in moisture and promoting skin cell regeneration
-    Water-soluble vitamins B3: minimise free radical damage and whiten skin by inhibiting formation of melanin
-    Royal jelly: a rich blend of proteins that nourish skin and reverse signs of aging like wrinkles and dark spots

Use the versatile Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask Advanced as a...
-    Cream: massage onto the face and neck with warm hands to enhance penetration of the ingredients
-    Makeup primer: before applying makeup, spread a thin layer onto face to allow makeup to adhere to skin better.
-    Mix with BB cream/foundation: blend mask with 4 parts BB cream or 2.5 parts liquid foundation to avoid the "cakey" look and keep the foundation looking fresh all day
Sleeping (Overnight) Mask: apply a layer 2-3mm thick onto your face massage gently for 10 to 15 minutes then allow the skin to absorb nutrients during the night.

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Thanks for reading,
I’ll talk to you guys soon !

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  1. Hi, i've been using doctorcos for 3 days now n littles pimples started to popped out. Is it because of healing process or should i stop using this product? Fyi, i have an acne problem since i were in high school but it's not too bad.