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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Good afternoon my beautiful readers,
I am here to introduce you to my recent favorite slimming device,
The 24k gold pulse beauty bar.
I’ve always face water retention problem in the morning as I have a bad habit of drinking big cup of water the night before.
I never seem to find a beauty product that can really help me with this problem,
Not even a tube of expensive soothing eye cream :/
Apart from that,
We gotta admit that most of us look slightly more puffier in pictures than in person don’t we? HAHA
That is why photoshop exists.
However, some people want to look slimmer in person,
So this is the best solution to solve our puffy face problem!
A wonder bar that makes our contour stands out more.
Special thanks to Lemore Clothes for this wonderful product!

Look at the beautiful gold bar!
A helpful slimming device that has a touch of classy look itself ;)

Hand guide of the 24k beauty gold bar all in Japanese,
So… will have to read my blog to know exactly how to use.

very handy size, not heavy and easy to grip on !
the on-off switch is below the bar

you will need a double A battery to work the device J

I believe most of you wouldn’t trust online products as it is mostly shipped from china and made in china. *no offense.
However, this product is genuinely from Japan!
I’ve always trust Japanese products as their country is definitely one of the most advance country in the whole wide world.

Why choose 24K Golden Pulse Beauty bar?
·       Reshape your face contour to reveal your youthful energy
·       Helps restore skin radiance, firmness and elasticity
·       Eliminate tired eyes
·       Smoothen wrinkles
·       Enrich the skin and promote blood circulation
·       Contour face for a slim V-shape
·       Immediately tightens your skin, quick face-lift with 6000 times per minute ion micro-vibration
·       Instantaneous activation of cell activity,
·       Rapid elimination of facial swelling
·       Diminishes dark bags, 3-minute removal of eyes bags, enhances facial contours immediately
·      T-shaped design gives better access to acupuncture points in the face, hands, nose and behind the ears
·      The 24K gold stick is so smooth, it can be used with or without moisturizer or oils
·      Battery operated, waterproof design for use in shower, hot spring, and even the office
·      Use the Beauty Bar alongside regular skincare products to improve absorption
·      The design is very light, stylish, portable, easy to operate and compact

Just follow the guidelines I stated below and slide the goldbar
*   I look like I’m undergoing plastic surgery procedure LOL *
How’s the end result you may ask?

 My entire face looks more contoured and firm!

I did not apply any make up on my face, nor edit anything at all.

The best choice for slimming other than using slimming masks!

for order/enquire, 
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thanks for reading guys! 

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