Penang Paragon w/ Claire, Da Wen & Wilber Pan !!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hello people!
Gurney paragon will be organizing a few meet and greet with 3 hot artist all the way from Taiwan, 
you might know them as Claire, Da Wen & Wilber Pan! 
Here's the time and details for each artists

Da wen- Monday 4pm
Claire- Monday 6pm
Wilber Pan- Monday 8pm

If you're a huge fan of these 3 amazing artist, 
do not forget to come over and support the meet and greet session in Gurney Paragon mall on Monday! 

I can't wait to be there, 
and also can't believe that I will be the one interviewing them D: 
can you feel my excitement now? HAHA

see you guys tomorrow ;)

Merdeka Euphoria Countdown !

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sup guys! 
Just wondering if any of you are up to celebrating Merdeka's countdown, 
because.....I have a good news for you guys ! 
Penang will be celebrating merdeka with a crazy outdoor party this saturday with penang's finest Cuvée's DJ SARS & FALIQ, KL's finest, BATE & HULKAS rounded off with Hardwell's prodigy, Kenneth G. 

Still hesitating to join us?
so please do me a favor and watch this promo video, 
it will PROBABLY change your mind ;)

I haven't been to a party for such a long time, 
so I can't wait to see you guys there ! 

if you're interested in purchasing the tickets, 
feel free to contact these few numbers:
012-412 0221, 

for more informations or inquires 
do check out their website 

Date: August 30 
Time: 6pm-1am
Location: Precinct 10
After party in Cuveé after 1am with DJ BATE


See you guys there ;)

Pinkage Collaboration

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hi guys ! 
its been too long since I last update about my wardrobe favorites, 
so today, I will be reviewing a blogshop for you guys :)

Pinkage has the latest trends, 
from extravagant designs to basics. 
Which I find them really easy to match, and everybody loves a comfortable piece of clothing, 
I mean like who doesn't right? 
they have all sorts of clothings that may suit your needs, 
girly, edgy, stylish, simple. 
So I will be showing you guys how I pair and accessorize the clothings that I got from pinkage! 

1st Piece -
Basic striped crop tee
you can match this basic piece with a skater skirt, or a pair of shorts, 
but I like to pair it with a pair of ripped jeans :)

Next piece, 
I call it "the lazy dress"
why say so?
because its a one piece dress that you can simply just put it on and you're good to go! 

3rd Piece- over extravagant designed hoodie
I don't think anybody will ever like this piece because it is kind of weird, HAHA
but I like it ! 

Thank you Pinkage for providing me all the pretty clothings, 
do like them on their facebook page for more info's,

also, do let me know in the comments what you think about my latest photos! 
all special thanks to my recent photographer Jeanteen! 

I'll talk to you guys soon :)
Bye ! 

Lookbook 5.0

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hello fellow readers, 
its been awhile since I last shared an outfit post on my blog,
I think the last time was about the Marble arts post.
Anyways, this time I will be sharing about the way I style a basic tee, 
I am still not sure what kind of style I am, 
but I can assure that I like simple things that are not complex but just plain and simple. 
This time, I got a street wear tee that I really love, 
which is from Goatcha by Apparel Chapel.

this is an non paid post, so its just basically me and my super self obsessed pictures alone :P
special thanks to my buddy Jeanteen, she helped me a lot with my recent photoshoot, 
and she's just super easy to work with and I never knew she is so talented and yet so humble!
these pictures wouldn't be complete without her :)

This picture, 
is actually really funny, 
because I posted it on instagram, people actually thought this location was in Inti rooftop,  
its funny because One Stop building is right at the back, 
and I'm not a student from Inti, 
so what makes you all think I go there just to take photos?
there's a lot more places with rooftop, why must it be Inti?
by the way, 
this is Gurney rooftop ;)

One of my favorite ways to match an oversized tee, 
is with a pair of leggings, and booties. 
its just so comfortable and for me, I think that a plus of wearing grey leggings is a little bit more stylish than black, 
because black is just too basic for a basic tee. 
So, I paired it with grey leggings with bits of studs on the sides of the leggings. 

I didn't have any "angel & demon" concept for this photo, 
I was just trying to style a same tee shirt with both girly and boyish style. 
Never thought that people would actually come out with the concept even though I never thought of it hahaha
so tell me, 
how do you differentiate which is angel or demon?
cannot right?
because even I can't differentiate LOL

the back side of the shirt, 
reminded me a little bit of Givenchy designs, but yet special in a different way.

this is how I style it with a girly lace skort, 
yes, skort. this is not a typo. 
a combination of skirt + shorts = skorts. 
Peacock lace skorts by Arime Boutique. 

Apart from taking outfit photos, 
we chill and hang out in brown pocket after, 
and have dessert :)

How can you not love the place?
the ambience is amazing, 
just perfect for friends to catch up! 

I love how they use the glass concept, 
it makes the entire cafe looks even more classier! 

hey there cute buddy! <3

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did composing it, 
Goodnight ! 

1 Day Magic Liquid Liner | K-Palette

Friday, August 8, 2014

Heylooooo *waves*
I know its a little bit too sudden for me to do another eyeliner review AGAIN this week, 
however, they are different types so I think its okay, 
this is a Liquid Liner by K-Palette, 
which happens to be the same company for the "tattoo eyeliner" if you have heard of that from major Watsons outlet. 
I will be doing some swatches and reviews for you to briefly introduce the product to you guys ! :)

This is how the packing looks like by flipping open the back part of the box, 
a short description about the liquid liner and also a before after picture of the model with and without the liner. 

The box stated that its supposedly works like magic, 
and works like plastic surgery :o
let's see if its legit. hahaha

this is how the liquid liner looks like, 
very pink, 
very girly :P
this is in the color, SB01 Super Black in case you wonder. 

From the back description, 
its suppose to work easily while drawing a clean line, 
easy to remove by makeup removers, 
and also contains essence ingredients. 

The shape of the eyeliner's tip, 
its narrow & thin from the side view,
flat & wide from the front view.

With such a fine tip of the liner, 
it is easy peasy for us to build up a perfect thickness for our eye shape. 

| Simple Makeup w/ K-Palette |

| Pros & Cons |
The pros of this eyeliner is that its easy for us to create clean edges, 
and if we were to cry, or if there's rain drops, its waterproof as well. 
With just a few wipes of makeup wipes, it'll be easily removed. 

The Cons of this eyeliner, is that it isn't exactly smudge proof. 
Because I tried using a damp tissue to wipe it, 
the eyeliner came off pretty easy. 
So that means that it doesn't sustain as long for people who have deeper tear ducts, 
because I for one, have an obvious looking tear duct,  
so I know that my eyes will constantly have mini tear drops around the ends of my eyes, 
therefore, if I were to clean off the edges with tissue or finger, 
the eyeliner will be wiped off pretty easily. 

The color isn't as opaque as it seems like it would be, 
the liner needs to add at least an extra layer to make the color more opaque instead of a "washed off looking" color. 

Other than those, 
the eyeliner works fine on the normal eyelids, 
it did a pretty good job on opening up my eyes, 
making my pupil looks like it's bigger. 

Also, you can choose to use this eyeliner to draw fake lower lashes as well! 
it worked like magic for me :D

this eyeliner is available in major Sasa Outlet for 55MYR, 
for more informations, 
you guys can follow them on Facebook to get their updates

thank you for reading :)

Kiehl's Store Tour | Queensbay mall

Thursday, August 7, 2014

From my title, 
it is obvious that I am going to briefly share with you guys my experience from the Kiehl's Queensbay mall store tour! :)
We had such a wonderful time with the person in charge, Joy, 
to be honest, her name suits her super well, 
it was literally a JOY to meet her ! 

First off, 
| About Kiehl's |
160 Years ago, Kiehl's was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York's East village neighborhood. 
Kiehl's is an American cosmetics brand retailer that specializes in making premium skin, hair, and body care products. 
Founded as a single pharmacy in New York City's East Village in 1851, Kiehl's was purchased by theL'Oréal Group in 2000 and currently has more than 250 retail stores worldwide, 
and over 1000 points of sale supplemented by sales in high-end department stores, select airport locations, as well as independent stockists.
In contrast to its market competitors, Kiehl's is distinguished for its unorthodox marketing approach, exceptionally large male clientele base and its products' simple and straightforward packaging.

| Store Design |
The design of the store are specially design and decorated with Kiehl's retro vintage pictures, 
a few of them are pictures of the founder of Kiehl's, 

there's even a wall painting of the statue of liberty by the cashier counter which really brings out the retro New York feeling also represented that Kiehl's first started off in New York back in the days. 

Besides that, a painting on the entrance of the wall stated a quote by A.Morse. 

| Store Tour |
Joy explained to all the bloggers about Kiehl's and its background, 
and that every single interior design has its very own meaning. 
Like Mr bones for example, 
back in the days, where Kiehl's first open in New York, 
there is actually a real set of human bones used as display for Kiehl's. 

There's a wide range of skin care products for every types of skin condition, 
for acne prone skin, anti aging effective skin care, men's skin care, even for body care and fragrances as well! 

Joy explained to us the few favorites of their customers that are highly recommended :)

the top 10 favorites of Malaysia from Kiehl's skin care line :)

| New Products on Rack |
there were also a new set of Calendula skin care that just launched in their store, 
I'm not too sure what kind of flower Calendula is but what I can tell you is that the fragrance of it smells like chrysanthemum :D 

this toner was rated top 2 out of the top10 favorites, 
and it is also my boyfriend's personal favorite ! 
it has a calm and soothing effect to acne prone skin :)

Here's a picture of us bloggers with Joy! 

we were treated with dome finger foods :P 
super duper yummy I swearrrr. 

Group photo with fellow bloggers and Joy! 

apart from the simple outlooks of the skin care, 
if you want to buy them as a gift for friends and family, 
Kiehl's provide a beautiful wrapping gift set with real fragranced dry flowers ! 

| Skin Consultation |
Kiehl's provide free skin consultation to let you understand your skin condition more, 
and what you really need for your skin to improve the conditions. 
they will also give out mini sample packs for you to try out whether you are suitable for the specific skin care. 
How sweet is that ? !  

Thankyou beautiful consultant ! :)

A picture with my bunny boo is a must ! 
C'Layrynn <3

Also not forgetting, 
special thanks to Baptain Salon for this hairdo, 
always love the way you take care of my hair ! 

will let you guys know how much I love these products in my next favorite blog post, 
thankyou Kiehl's Queensbay for the gift! 

thanks for reading guys !