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Friday, August 8, 2014

Heylooooo *waves*
I know its a little bit too sudden for me to do another eyeliner review AGAIN this week, 
however, they are different types so I think its okay, 
this is a Liquid Liner by K-Palette, 
which happens to be the same company for the "tattoo eyeliner" if you have heard of that from major Watsons outlet. 
I will be doing some swatches and reviews for you to briefly introduce the product to you guys ! :)

This is how the packing looks like by flipping open the back part of the box, 
a short description about the liquid liner and also a before after picture of the model with and without the liner. 

The box stated that its supposedly works like magic, 
and works like plastic surgery :o
let's see if its legit. hahaha

this is how the liquid liner looks like, 
very pink, 
very girly :P
this is in the color, SB01 Super Black in case you wonder. 

From the back description, 
its suppose to work easily while drawing a clean line, 
easy to remove by makeup removers, 
and also contains essence ingredients. 

The shape of the eyeliner's tip, 
its narrow & thin from the side view,
flat & wide from the front view.

With such a fine tip of the liner, 
it is easy peasy for us to build up a perfect thickness for our eye shape. 

| Simple Makeup w/ K-Palette |

| Pros & Cons |
The pros of this eyeliner is that its easy for us to create clean edges, 
and if we were to cry, or if there's rain drops, its waterproof as well. 
With just a few wipes of makeup wipes, it'll be easily removed. 

The Cons of this eyeliner, is that it isn't exactly smudge proof. 
Because I tried using a damp tissue to wipe it, 
the eyeliner came off pretty easy. 
So that means that it doesn't sustain as long for people who have deeper tear ducts, 
because I for one, have an obvious looking tear duct,  
so I know that my eyes will constantly have mini tear drops around the ends of my eyes, 
therefore, if I were to clean off the edges with tissue or finger, 
the eyeliner will be wiped off pretty easily. 

The color isn't as opaque as it seems like it would be, 
the liner needs to add at least an extra layer to make the color more opaque instead of a "washed off looking" color. 

Other than those, 
the eyeliner works fine on the normal eyelids, 
it did a pretty good job on opening up my eyes, 
making my pupil looks like it's bigger. 

Also, you can choose to use this eyeliner to draw fake lower lashes as well! 
it worked like magic for me :D

this eyeliner is available in major Sasa Outlet for 55MYR, 
for more informations, 
you guys can follow them on Facebook to get their updates


thank you for reading :)

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