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Monday, August 11, 2014

Hello fellow readers, 
its been awhile since I last shared an outfit post on my blog,
I think the last time was about the Marble arts post.
Anyways, this time I will be sharing about the way I style a basic tee, 
I am still not sure what kind of style I am, 
but I can assure that I like simple things that are not complex but just plain and simple. 
This time, I got a street wear tee that I really love, 
which is from Goatcha by Apparel Chapel.

this is an non paid post, so its just basically me and my super self obsessed pictures alone :P
special thanks to my buddy Jeanteen, she helped me a lot with my recent photoshoot, 
and she's just super easy to work with and I never knew she is so talented and yet so humble!
these pictures wouldn't be complete without her :)

This picture, 
is actually really funny, 
because I posted it on instagram, people actually thought this location was in Inti rooftop,  
its funny because One Stop building is right at the back, 
and I'm not a student from Inti, 
so what makes you all think I go there just to take photos?
there's a lot more places with rooftop, why must it be Inti?
by the way, 
this is Gurney rooftop ;)

One of my favorite ways to match an oversized tee, 
is with a pair of leggings, and booties. 
its just so comfortable and for me, I think that a plus of wearing grey leggings is a little bit more stylish than black, 
because black is just too basic for a basic tee. 
So, I paired it with grey leggings with bits of studs on the sides of the leggings. 

I didn't have any "angel & demon" concept for this photo, 
I was just trying to style a same tee shirt with both girly and boyish style. 
Never thought that people would actually come out with the concept even though I never thought of it hahaha
so tell me, 
how do you differentiate which is angel or demon?
cannot right?
because even I can't differentiate LOL

the back side of the shirt, 
reminded me a little bit of Givenchy designs, but yet special in a different way.

this is how I style it with a girly lace skort, 
yes, skort. this is not a typo. 
a combination of skirt + shorts = skorts. 
Peacock lace skorts by Arime Boutique. 

Apart from taking outfit photos, 
we chill and hang out in brown pocket after, 
and have dessert :)

How can you not love the place?
the ambience is amazing, 
just perfect for friends to catch up! 

I love how they use the glass concept, 
it makes the entire cafe looks even more classier! 

hey there cute buddy! <3

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did composing it, 
Goodnight ! 

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