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Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello beautiful readers ! 
Today, I am super excited to do another eyeliner review for you guys, 
which is the Miss Hana Pencil liner courtesy of Natta Cosme Malaysia! 

This is the old package for all the Natta Cosme parcel, 
however, if you order their products now, you will then receive a darker looking box with pretty galaxy designs on it. 

Here's how the eyeliner packing looks like, 
super pink and girly with mini lace designs on the sides, 

they even have chinese descriptions on the back for further informations and directions to use the eyeliner.

I have been given two colors to review for you guys, 
one in golden brown, the other in galaxy black. 

this is how the color looks like, 
both color has slightly a little bit of glitter in it, 
somehow represented the galaxy sky ;) 

Why choose Miss Hana eyeliner?
1. Waterproof 
2. Smudge proof even when it is wiped with damp tissue 
3. Easily removed by makeup remover/ makeup wipes

So now, I'm going to recreate a simple everyday look using the Miss Hana Golden Brown :)
for my eyes, I have a lower eyelid so I use a pair of thicker eyelid tape to increase the double eyelid height, 
and of course, fill in the empty sparse of my brows, you can check out my brow tutorial HERE

Next step, is to extend the length of my eyes using the Miss Hana eyeliner, 
Last step is to use my favorite mascara to open up my eyes :)

Simple way to use a pencil liner, 
to create a bigger & sharper looking eyes! 

You can recreate any look with just one simple eyeliner! 

what more?
To celebrate the Ramadhan month with Natta cosme, 
they are giving out a discount code worth 20% for my readers! 
just quote "MHES 20" while making your purchase on Natta Cosme! 
this code is valid till 31/08/2014, 
so don't forget !!! 

for more informations, 
check out

thanks for reading guys :)

till the next time 

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