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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Here's another skin care review for you guys, 
special thanks to Hishop Malaysia for sending me these 2 products for review !

Today, Dermacol remains dynamic. In addition to Europe, Dermacol is also sold in many countries of the Middle and Near East, in Ukraine, Russia and Australia.Dermacol is not only successful abroad; in the Czech Republic it remains synonymous with make-up. Every fourth make-up item sold in the Czech Republic is from Dermacol. Every fifth body firming product is also by Dermacol. Dermacol provides perfect care for all skin types and can handle all of your skin's problems, whether your skin is young, mature, normal, dry or problematic. 

I will be reviewing these 2 products today, 

It included ingredients like Gatuline-Intense, sea mayweed & shea butter. 
Gatuline-Intense increases the skin‘s firmness while reducing its unevenness and filling in wrinkles. Sea Mayweed reduces wrinkles and protects your skin from free radicals. 
Shea butter supports the formation of collagen and elastin and soothes your skin, while making it softer.

This unique lifting cream with a concentrated anti-wrinkle formula, will efficiently addresses aging skin and mimic wrinkles. 

These active ingredients contained in the cream will make your skin gradually increases its firmness, restores its suppleness and reduces any unevenness. 
Results are visible as early as the second day: wrinkles are 20% less deep and 36% smaller.

BENEFITS Intensive & high concentrated anti-wrinkle formula
Wrinkles are 20% less deep
Wrinkles are 36% smaller
Dermatologically tested

this is the Boto Cell lip & eye cream! 
same effect as the intensive lifting cream, however, this tube is meant for lips and eyes as these 2 areas are more sensitive compared to other areas of our face. 

the tube design makes our life easier and also prevents the cream from being contaminated. 

this is how the cream looks like, 
it feels soothing and cools down our skin. 

here's a before & after of the results after using Dermacol ! 
it reduces my tear duct mark! 
*please ignore my lens* 

look at my lips mannnnn
it reduced the wrinkly mark of my dry lips! :D

Once again, 
Thank you Hishop for these 2 wonderful products! 
don't forget to check out their website

Thanks for reading ! 


  1. Hi dear, may i know the result of you share was after how many days after you use the product?

    1. Hello! This was just after 3 days believe it or not ! :D

  2. nice review!! ur photo is excellent!

    1. Thankyou so much! I really appreciate that :)