Take a week off

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hey guys ! 
I've been away for a week and chilled in KL for deepavali, 
not like I have to celebrate but, there's holiday for me so goodbye penang! 
This is going to be just another short update about the mini details that are happening in my life. 

We went over to Pavi on Thursday, 
so I get a chance to walk and shop for my bestfriend's birthday gift :)

Coffee time everybody!

my top choice, 
Café latte <3

He makes me laugh <3

that's pretty much it for my Thursday afternoon, 
for friday night, 
we got pretty bored so we decided to go over to Kajang for Satay & shisha :P
he made me ate a piece of rabbit satay :((
still feeling guilty for it :/

After having our supper at the Satay place, 
we headed over to a shisha place and had hummus with paratha :P
damn good sia! ! !

omg just stare at it :(
I'm typing this in the middle of the night and I'm feeling hungry :/

Location: KL / Kajang

Signing off 
with love x


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  1. Love all the pictures <3 Superb excellent photography skill!