Where have I been ?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Its been more than a month since I last updated here, 
and one of the reason why I neglected this page for such a long time is because I have a lot going on on my mind the past few months, 
and I couldn't exactly get my head straight on what I want so....I went MIA for a while. 
I never really like writing about my personal relationship on my blog,
as I feel that a relationship is best kept between just 2 people,
what you see on the internet, are just things that we chose to publish and let you see,
you will never know the true story behind every picture,
or caption,
even if we choose to publish every single detail about our relationship online,
it still doesn't mean that you guys have the rights to judge or make any comment out of it,
because at the end of the day,
the relationship still belong to 2 people,
and I bet most of you only listen or read one side of the story,
so its never fair to the other party.
If a relationship doesn't work out,
its never the other party's fault, it could be both party's fault or we're just simply incompatible.

However, all I can say is,
 it feels like as if I am currently living in a written fairytale story that is untold, 
so surreal, 
so dreamy, 
so happy. 

Maybe most of you will judge for the fact that its just the start of something new,
a fresh beginning,
but I have faith that everything is going to work out just fine.

Another reason why my blog is dead,
my Macbook had a little accident so it has to be sent away for service for 2 weeks,
and hence, that 2 weeks, I had to live with my old Asus.
Not blogging for 1month plus really gave me more than enough time to chill out.

Hopefully after this post,
I will put more effort into writing and taking good photos again.
For those of you who didn't gave up reading my blog,
I really love you guys,
if it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't get so much opportunity that made my life so incredibly interesting and happening.


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