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Friday, November 28, 2014

I know I've been posting too much about cafés recently, 
but I just couldn't help it, 
and honestly, there's not much to do in Penang island sadly to say. 
So sorry if I'm boring most of you readers out there, 
but hang in there, 
end of the year vacations are coming *grins*
So the other day when Malcolm is back from KL, 
we visited A LOT of cafés together with my bestfriend Carmen Layrynn, 
one of the many cafés that we went was Talk talk wine bar. 

Okay, so it isn't really a café....sort of?
its more like a bar with indoor smoking and they sells cigars and alcohols...
but also normal drinks as well. 
when we first reached there, 
Carmen was hungry so we headed over to their cuisine which is right next to it to have dinner first.

Concept is really not bad to be honest.

Cranberry juice! 

Hi anti social girl :p

Loving the ambience here, 
I like how they can keep the cuisine area bright and cozy for dinner, 
and also maintain the chill and dimmed light for their bar next door.

From the upstairs view! 

my 2nd drink of the night, 

Its really a nice place to chill though, 
like seriously, and I'm not even paid to say this. hahahah

That's all for now, 
another photo diary post. 

Location: Talk talk wine bar, Penang. 


Just something with my loved ones.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hello hello! 
Just another update on my weekend hangout with my loved ones, 
we decided to go all the way to mainland to visit some of their concept cafés, 
so then Carmen Layrynn suggested Just Something café. 

After having dinner at the Yam steamboat, we just chilled in this café which I find quite nice :3

hellooooo all the anti social people! 
each of us on our very own laptop and devices, 
really ? HAHAHA lifeless much. 

Hi big nose! :p

a very weird angle pic captured by Malcolm Tan.
He thinks its artistic :3 
not bad though hehe

Coffee confession: This is actually not my cup of coffee.
I stole the coffee from Carmen hahahaha just cause their art is nicer

Nothing much to write about to be quite honest, 
my blog is slowly becoming my photo diary. 

Location: Just Something Café @ Butterworth


Tea time @ Macalister Mansion Living Room

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hello people, 
It has been suchhhh a long time since I last visit Macalister Mansion's Living Room for tea, 
so me and my beloved girls decided to have lunch and dessert there.
Also, this is another post birthday celebration for Carmen Layrynn :)

This is what we ordered. 

My favourite coffee, 
flat white <3

Chenelle's hand and her phillip lim :P

My dish:
Truffle Egg White Scramble on brioche toast with sautéed mushroom, momotaro tomato, micro cilantro, crème fraiche and mesclun.

Carmen's dish:
Unagi and scrambled egg with sourdough, hondashi mayo, pickled shallots, chive and bonito flakes

Chenelle's dish:
Angel hair Pasta with Thai basil, crispy shrimp, soy sauce, chilli & garlic.

 Loving the bar <3

uh oh!!
got caught in action :p
Was on the phone with Mal mal and Chenelle just randomly took this picture hahaha

Outfit pictures time!!

Special thanks to my official sponsors
White chiffon top - My Jonquil

Also my official accessories sponsors:
accessories - Red's Revenge
Watch - Daniel Wellington

Me & the girls :)
from left, 
It was so nice catching up with you girls! 
Hopefully we can meet up again soon <3

Location: Living Room @ Macalister Mansion

Signing off with love,