Carmen Layrynn's Birthday!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hello world, 
according to my title, it is pretty obvious that I'm going to blog about my bestfriend's birthday celebration, 
we decided to surprise her a little bit differently so there's a little bit more effort this time :)
a week before her birthday I was in KL to accompany Malcolm, 
so her boyfriend, Jer, texted me and asked if I have any idea on how to celebrate her big day with her and if I want to plan a surprise for her, 
at that very moment I was honestly blank and have no idea how to surprise her or what to get her for her birthday.
I was honestly pretty stressed out as she is known as my current bestfriend and I can't just simply get her a flimsy gift for her birthday. 
However, I did managed to get her a pretty decent present in the end and surprise her the way Malcolm taught me to :p 
* continue reading to see how I did it *

Also, me & Jer came up with a pretty good way to surprise her right after his "romantic dinner" with her in Ferringhi Grill one night before her actual birthday ;)

So roughly around 6 hours before her dinner with Jer, 
I ran around Penang looking for a huge box that can fit her present in it as well as some mini candles for special effects, 
unfortunately, there isn't a box in Penang stores that is decent looking enough so I had to be innovative and come up with something. 
I went over to young ones, got a pretty huge ugly present box, 
bought 2 colours of lacquer spray paints,
one in white, one in tiffany blue.
Went home, spray paint the entire box with a layer of white paint, to cover up the horrendous design, 
then cover it entirely with tiffany blue spray paint. 
Also got a few metres of white silky ribbon to decorate the box to make it look "tiffany-like".

We also got a few helium balloons in similar colour as the present box to top the whole surprise off ;)
Birthdays are always great with balloons, 
I swear, helium balloons had became crucial to birthday parties or any other surprises in Penang. 
Mainstream, but its okay! Our surprise is wayyyy more special :p

Jer did his part on ordering a box of flowers, 
yes, a box, like literally in a box, 
I've seen tons of people posted bouquets of flowers on instagram like how their boyfriend/husband/kangtao/admirer/whatever surprised them, 
*that includes me too, because I've posted before also HAHAHA*
but I've never seen anybody surprise their girl with a BOX of flowers! 
hahaha like bitch please, get creative, win dy lor!
We got her a baskin robins ice cream cake shaped like a red rose because we all know how obsessed she is with floral stuff, 
and plus, its ice cream, and it taste good. How to hiam you tell me??

Birthday girl making a wish <3
We hope your wish will come true, 
and your life will continue to be more and more amazing, although it already is pretty damn amazing with the existence of wonderful family members, great friends *includes me, AGAIN* & an amazing boyfriend that treats you like a princess.
You've been nothing but amazing to everyone you meet, 
and I believe in karma A LOT, so lets hope the good karma will keep on coming for you continuously :p

I actually took Malcolm's advice for being an asshole, 
so what he suggested was, 
don't give a present with the original wrapping itself, 
lower the expectation with the wrapping and surprise her later on. 
so what I did was, I put the actual present in a perfume box, 
and then placed it in another Victoria Secrets paper bag. 
To be honest, 
ever since Victoria secrets and sephora arrived in Penang, 
we girls are able to predict what we're about to get as a gift for any special occasions, 
so its pretty damn depressing. 
I was about to go for a body shop paper bag, but I couldn't find one HAHA. 
I even inserted a mini note that matches the actual present box into the perfume box and the moment she unwrapped it, 
her face, 
she said:" Don't tell me you also spray paint this box too lor? HAHAHA" 

The actual gift I got her, 
and yes, I returned her the actual paper bag later on hahah!


I just love this pic a lottttt
the balloons & all things placed on the tables are like additional props for our photo !

Much loveeeee!

Stay sweeeet guys !
One of my favourite couple EVERRRR.

Hello bestfriend, 
its unbelievable how different we are but yet still able to click so well, 
you're literally my girl version of boyfriend, but not in a homosexual way, 
thats why I don't wanna use the term "girlfriend".
stay awesome, stay sweet, stay amazing, 
I'll always be there for you when you need it & you know that. 
Love you bunny!

Anddddd to my high school bestie, Yvonne, 
thank you for being such a steady friend, although you don't know Layrynn, 
but you're willing to help me with the whole surprise and even come all the way to my place and help out with spray painting the box and turning ourselves into smurfs. 
Seriously, thank youuu :')) 
love you much much toooo <3

that's pretty much it for my best friend's birthday post!
thanks for reading guys,
here's a video of Carmen's birthday!
Much love, 


  1. Hiiee, may I know which Photoshop version are you using to edit your pictures? Need to purchase it? There are so many versions of it. Need your kind opinions. Thank you =D

  2. Oh wow, this birthday looks absolutely amazing. I am totally impressed with these brilliant decorations and these would work as the inspirations for my sister’s sweet 16th birthday bash that I want to host at one of the LA event venues. Just so excited for this special surprise party.