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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hello readers!
I'll be sharing my virgin experience for doing eyelash extensions with you guys, 
and I'm pretty sure most of you have some interesting question regarding eyelash extensions, 
so I will be answering a few today! 
First things first, 
Special thanks to Nico Penang for sponsoring my eyelash extensions procedure! 
They are a new Hair & Beauty salon based in Penang :)
So the first thing to do is to choose the ideal eyelash pattern that you are looking for, 
well, actually you have to fill up the form first, but I didn't take a picture of that. 
I chose the formation to be gorgeous :)

Next is to choose whether you want curled lashes or just normal lashes, 
and the length for your lashes! 
I chose, C curl, 12mm :)

the room for procedure :)
The procedure is based on Japanese techniques, 
so, me being me as always, 
I've always trusted Japan's products and techniques the most, 
so letting them taking care of my lashes really do make me feel more relieve :D

The cozy place! 

Here's the before & after picture!! 
How do I look ? :P

The verdict is.....
I really love the feeling when you wake up with a bare face but still feeling pretty :P

So now,

Q1: Does the procedure hurt?
Nope, not at all. It feels like the beautician is constantly brushing through my eyelash with a brush.

Q2: What is the difference?
Well, I'm pretty sure my picture can tell the length differences, and also, I chose the lashes to be 40 strands on each side, and 12mm in curled form, so this way, after the procedure is done, my natural lashes will naturally be curled up together with the extensions, ISNT THAT THE COOLEST?

Q3: Can you cleanse your face?
No problem actually, only avoid water contact in the first 5 hours in order to let the adhesive dry :)

Q4: Will it drop badly?
So far, I've been avoiding the temptation to rub or scratch my eyes as I love rubbing my eyes,
so....I think if you don't handle your eyes that roughly it should last more than a month or so.

Q5: Can you wear mascara?
Yes, BUT only the on the tip of the lashes and not the roots,
if not the mascara will get stuck there and it's disastrous. I mean, think about it,
its already hard enough for us to cleanse mascara without the extensions, so you get my point.

 Q6: Should you get it?
I don't know about most of you girls, but I rarely apply intense eye makeup as my eyes are pretty black itself already.
So if I do, my eyes will look completely hidden then I'll end up looking damn piang [AKA typical asian]
But one crucial step for my full-on makeup face is to apply mascara to open up my eyes,
so after having eyelash extensions,
I really save up a lot of time applying mascara and cleansing it off.
my goodness, I did mentioned that it was HARDWORK cleansing off mascara right? -.-
and you can go to college or uni with your bare face yet still feel right, HAHA
I don't know lah, this is how I feel,
however, overall I would recommend most girls to try it at least once in your life :)
For me, its just like going for manicure,
spending unnecessary money for pleasure,
but surprisingly satisfying and you would want to go back for it again ! :D

Don't forget to pay them a visit 
and first trial of the eyelash extension procedure only costs 190myr now !! 

Thank you Harue for making my lashes prettyyyy <3

He is soooooo cute and funny ! hahaha

Here's a peek to how I randomly dress up for Halloween, 
I didn't even have to put any thick makeup or mascara at all! 
So amazed by the japanese lash extensions technic !!! :D
I'm so going back to this place the upcoming months. 
Special thanks to the official sponsors, 
Reds revenge - Accessories 
My Jonquil - off-shoulder dress

Here's the exact address for the salon, 
2,ground floor,
kek chuan road,
10400 Penang, Malaysia

Do remember to check out their facebook page 

also check out their official website to check out the price if you want to know more!

Thanks for reading guys ! 
I hope you find my Q&A helpful for those of you who want to try out eyelash extensions, 
and hopefully you love it as much as I do :)

Location: Nico Salon Penang



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