Flat white

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hello again !
I'm pretty sure that most of you will feel like, 
there isn't sufficient time in a year for you to do the things you want to, 
or go to the places you wanted to visit.
Like myself, I feel the same all the time, 
like whoa, its November already, and it feels like I just celebrated my birthday one or two months ago and its coming again in a month! *because my birthday is in Jan :p* 
but when I really look back to the things I did throughout this year, 
it felt just like a movie, 
but the type of movie that I probably won't pay to watch in the cinemas or even torrent it........as I hate horror movies :P
so you get my point, it has been a rough year for me, 
but it is a fresh start for me starting this summer. 

Back to my topic, 
I visited Flat white kl with Malcolm when I was there for the week to accompany him, 
and I was fooling around with my camera so....please expect a lot of random pictures

this is actually the indoor smoking area for flat white,
quite nice leh


my flat white for the night ;)

that's about it I guess :)
seriously guys, I have been MIA for too long, I hardly even selfie anymore, 
here's a pic of me & Mal mal :)

and a pic of me from the last photoshoot I did with Number Nine x

Location: Subang Jaya


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