My Love for Skinny Jeans

Monday, November 3, 2014

A year ago, I dislike wearing jeans. Like most people, they find denim material stuffy and thick, a little bit uncomfortable to wear as casual attire. However, later this year, I find skinny jeans super easy to match and skinny jeans are slightly different from typical denim jeans as the material is more flexible and comfortable. 
It gives the best "go-to" look for any seasons, 
for me, I personally love styling jeans on my casual days with a comfy sweater or top :)
 I personally feel that Skinny jeans looks best with heels, 

it tones down the pair of heel as most heels looks too formal for a casual day for me, however, perfect with a pair of denim skinnies! 

Not only girls look good with skinnies, 
guys look extremely hot in skinnies for me, 
depending on what they pair it with though :p

How would I pair a pair of denim jeans ? 


-basic tees

 -chiffon top

 Almost anything can be matched with skinny jeans! 
For a girl with a petite height & size like me, will avoid wearing skinny jeans as we think that wearing long pants will enhance our naturally short legs.
However people with petite sizes like us can choose to wear high waist skinny jeans, this way we can create an optical illusion of having longer looking legs. 

Skinny jeans is amazing as you can basically style it according to your own personal style, 
If you're more towards feminim style, grab your pair of heels and statement necklaces. 

If you're feeling causal, you can always throw a pair of flats on and you're good to go! 

If you're more towards edgy, you can always pair it with a pair of sneakers like Air Jordan's or vans with a hoodie. 

So how would you pair your pair of skinnies? ;)

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