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Friday, November 28, 2014

I know I've been posting too much about cafés recently, 
but I just couldn't help it, 
and honestly, there's not much to do in Penang island sadly to say. 
So sorry if I'm boring most of you readers out there, 
but hang in there, 
end of the year vacations are coming *grins*
So the other day when Malcolm is back from KL, 
we visited A LOT of cafés together with my bestfriend Carmen Layrynn, 
one of the many cafés that we went was Talk talk wine bar. 

Okay, so it isn't really a café....sort of?
its more like a bar with indoor smoking and they sells cigars and alcohols...
but also normal drinks as well. 
when we first reached there, 
Carmen was hungry so we headed over to their cuisine which is right next to it to have dinner first.

Concept is really not bad to be honest.

Cranberry juice! 

Hi anti social girl :p

Loving the ambience here, 
I like how they can keep the cuisine area bright and cozy for dinner, 
and also maintain the chill and dimmed light for their bar next door.

From the upstairs view! 

my 2nd drink of the night, 

Its really a nice place to chill though, 
like seriously, and I'm not even paid to say this. hahahah

That's all for now, 
another photo diary post. 

Location: Talk talk wine bar, Penang. 


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