A whole new start.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Like every year, 
I like setting new goals and resolutions for my new year, 
however, I find them pretty pointless now that I realize I hardly achieve any of the stupid goals that I set for myself, 
exhibit A--> sleep earlier like 10pm :)

So how do I exactly conclude my entire 2014?
I expect it to be as happening as 2013, 
also equally as happy as 2013. 
But to be frank, 
2014 is one of the most disappointing year ever. 

I bailed 3 trips that I was suppose to travel to this year, 
not much happening events going on, 
a hell lots of bullshits to handle, 
but despite having so many unhappy incidents at the beginning until throughout the mid end of this year, 
I am glad that I ended this year happily. :)

So what are the main highlights of this year?
Filmed my first ever youtube video

First ever Radio Show experience

Tried out more and more look book posts

Bff Getaway with this bunny for 3 times

Went to Chrissy & ATC , Alex goot concert 

First eyelash extensions experience

Lots of café hopping!
Bricklins Café
*will post about it soon ;)*

and many many more cafés but I picked my favourite few :)
apart from that, the best part of 2014 is meeting new friends

and as for my case,
new journey in life :)
meeting someone that is compatible x

Also not forgetting, 
celebrating Christmas with amazing friends

So how was your 2014?
For me, it is so unhappening it took me 2 days to actually write this post,
trying to dig out any highlights of my 2014 year but couldn't find any interesting ones x)
Happy new year guys !
hopefully this year will be more happening for me? hahaha

Thanks for reading once again, 

Xmas picks !

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hi guys !
Christmas is justttttt around the corner, 
so I am doing a very last minute Christmas picks post today *grins*
The stuff I had chose to use on Christmas can also be a good alternative choice for your christmas gifts! 
First off!
For girlies out there, 
you might want to consider a striking colour choice for your lipstick because you might never know, 
maybe you will be attending a lot of dinners and parties or what not, 
these are the "go-to" lip colours for me. 

If you haven't try out any bold coloured lipsticks before, 
you might want to consider these babies.
I just got the maybelline color show lip stick, and it smells and glides on UH-MAZINGLY. 
*will be doing a Maybelline Color Show review soon* 

Here are the swatches for the lip colours, 
1. Maybelline Color Show 202 Red my Lips
2. Marc Jacobs 134 Showstopper
3. Yves Saint Laurent Rough Volupté N'6 Pink In Devotion

Next up is my all time favourite brush set, 
Zoeva Rose gold brush set. 
I had been using this for quite sometime, 
almost everyday to be honest, 
it never fail to amaze me how the brushes wont get out of shape or spoil easily, 
as I always stuff it in my makeup bag without using the plastic protector. 
*I know, not the most gentle female alive*
It is actually a great Christmas gift for girls as well, 
because it is not only crazily pretty, but useful for those girls that actually apply makeup everyday.

I love getting scented candles and fragrances right before Christmas, 
I believe it is an excuse for me to spend more on these unnecessary stuff during this season :P
For this year, 
I am very lucky because Bath & Body Works finally arrived in Malaysia right before Christmas, 
hence, I get to stock up some scented candles. 
I got one in Sea island cotton and the other in Moonlight path. 
Not the most Christmas-sy scent I know, 
but I'm not really a fan of woody scent, 
and I live in a forever summer country. 
Somehow, not sure if it is me, or woody scents just doesn't really suits our weather here.
Or it could be just my problem. *shrugs*

For fragrance, 
I got an early Xmas gift from my bestie Yvonne, 
I was about to cry when she gave it to me ! 
This is not only going to be the fragrance I use for this holiday season, 
but it has became my EVERYDAY SCENT :P

Other people have Christmas trees to decorate ornaments, 
I don't own one, 
therefore, I replace the tree with myself, and decorate myself with ornament looking accessories. HAHA
Special thanks to Red's Revenge for the early Christmas gift ! 
These are actually a replicate design of the dior earrings, 
but it looks good in these colours too I swear!
Sooooooo Christmas like <3

Have you planned to wear something on Christmas yet?
If you haven't you can check out Duchess & Co !
They have the most exquisite design outfits and dresses that are perfect for special occasions or dates!

Planning to send out some christmas gifts?
You're going to need some wrapping papers and decors!
I am keeping it neutral and simple this year, 
just brown, dark brown, light brown and MORE brown for the wrapping papers, 
also, some interesting sugar papers to create some layerings for the presents. 
Not forgetting to get lace ribbons to decorate my gifts!

What do you guys think ? :)

Dear Santa, 
I had been a good girl this year, 
and I know you are expecting me to ask something from you AGAIN like every year,
but nooooo. 
I am just really grateful to have everything in my life now, 
that includes everybody that has been by my side all along. 
This year is definitely one of the most difficult year for me, 
definitely more downs than ups, 
you gave me one of an early Christmas gift that is currently the best gift I had ever received in life that I can never ask for more now. :)
Although I am not sure whether if you really exist in reality, 
but its okay! 
at least I did my part on sending a message to you :p

Merry Christmas everybody! 

Lastly, I would like to announce the winner of the Red's revenge rm200 voucher giveaway!!! 
~ bless Yeap~ 
Here's what she wrote : 
"My favourite outfit would be outfit no.2 because the simplicity of the dress makes the color and design of the necklace stands out. The white dress definitely brings out Carmen's hair color and also gives a girly and feminine feel to it. (Y)

Congratulations love ! 
I hope you'll have a great time shopping in Red's Revenge and also Merry Christmas !! 

Location: North pole :p *jk, Home Shweeet home* 

Thank you so much for reading, 

Farquhar tea time

Friday, December 19, 2014

Most of my friends had been asking me why am I so chilled and relaxed nowadays, 
just basically enjoy life every single day, do stuff that I wanted to and hang out with friends that I have known for ages, just catching up and laugh about our comedic past.
The thing is, 
I had been worried for too long, 
worry about life, education, if I'll get a job or what people will say about me if I do this, or wear that... etc. 
Although I'm just 19, *soon-to-be 20*
I keep forgetting the fact that I'm still just 19, 
still a teenager that make mistakes, 
and still am learning from my fucked up mistakes. 
Being afraid of everything, is as if I've been constantly living under outsider's surveillance, 
if I have a choice to, 
I would rather lose the amount of followers on instagram or whichever website just to trade back my private life, 
but even if I delete my entire account, 
My name will still exist in this world,  
same goes to my image. 
So why not, live my life to the fullest for now ? :)
and since everything is what it is right now *if that makes sense*, 
let it be, and follow the flow :)
I'm really trying to penetrate myself with positive thoughts, 
I've been a pessimist according to Malcolm and no doubt he's right, 
guess I'll have to change that ._. 

back to my main topic, 
this is actually my first time having afternoon tea in Farquhar Mansion & I really do expect a lot from this place since a lot of my friends had been visiting this place again and again. 
They really did not let me down, 
to be honest, 
I swear they have the most patient waiters ever haha! 

I went there with 2 of my girlfriends, 
Shilyne & Xin hoong. 
This is actually a portion for one person for their tea time, 

This is a portion for 2.

1st layer :)

3rd layer!
these 2 are my favorite layers, 
I don't quite fancy the 2nd layer though.

Seriously loving the ambience. 

Lipstick stain <3 

my girliesssss <3

Outfit of the day ?

Thank you once again for reading, 
much love!