A day with tea and cakes.

Friday, December 12, 2014

I had been meeting up with my friends a lot lately, 
especially Shilyne :p
going to all the fancy places for tea and stuff. 
However if you must know, 
we can't exactly pass the "high class" "tai tai" style, 
We're still being our normal self, 
joke around and laugh like nobody's business. 
Not even trying to exaggerate our awkward-ness, 
but yeah, that is indeed the true fact. 
 I mean nobody pours their chamomile tea without using a tea strainer, 
ended up having a cup of tea + flowers, great job Jxhia. *claps*
Not so sampat to drink the flower lah, 
I did pour back to the pot and redo it again WITH the strainer this time -.-
get my point of our level of "being ourselves comfortably" ? 

Selfie in toilet?

I look so tiredddd
 Because I really was damn tired that day, forgot why already.

To be really frank, 
2 person's tea portion is too much for me and Shilyne. 
we had to take away most of the leftovers.

great food for camera, 
not so amazing for the taste bud.

Hiiii babe!

 Hi me!

Me and my never ending love for marbles. <3

Simple yet, 
boring outfit of the day. 

Till the next time x
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love x
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