A whole new start.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Like every year, 
I like setting new goals and resolutions for my new year, 
however, I find them pretty pointless now that I realize I hardly achieve any of the stupid goals that I set for myself, 
exhibit A--> sleep earlier like 10pm :)

So how do I exactly conclude my entire 2014?
I expect it to be as happening as 2013, 
also equally as happy as 2013. 
But to be frank, 
2014 is one of the most disappointing year ever. 

I bailed 3 trips that I was suppose to travel to this year, 
not much happening events going on, 
a hell lots of bullshits to handle, 
but despite having so many unhappy incidents at the beginning until throughout the mid end of this year, 
I am glad that I ended this year happily. :)

So what are the main highlights of this year?
Filmed my first ever youtube video

First ever Radio Show experience

Tried out more and more look book posts

Bff Getaway with this bunny for 3 times

Went to Chrissy & ATC , Alex goot concert 

First eyelash extensions experience

Lots of café hopping!
Bricklins Café
*will post about it soon ;)*

and many many more cafés but I picked my favourite few :)
apart from that, the best part of 2014 is meeting new friends

and as for my case,
new journey in life :)
meeting someone that is compatible x

Also not forgetting, 
celebrating Christmas with amazing friends

So how was your 2014?
For me, it is so unhappening it took me 2 days to actually write this post,
trying to dig out any highlights of my 2014 year but couldn't find any interesting ones x)
Happy new year guys !
hopefully this year will be more happening for me? hahaha

Thanks for reading once again, 

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