Dark Brown.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Helloooooo everybody! *waves*
I finally get to touch up my roots and change my hair colour !
I had decided to change it from ash greenish that apparently turn to yellow to dark copper brown. 
I thought that maybe its time for a change since I had been surviving with bright coloured hair for such a long time, 
I'm going to share my experience of hair pampering session with my all time favourite hair sponsor, 
 Baptain Hair Salon.

Greetings with horrible black roots and disgusting fade coloured hair :)
this picture was taken after Max is done trimming my hair.

Next! covering up my horrendous roots!

Waiting for the dye to soak in and transform from black to dark brown. 

The colour they had chose for the ends of my hair, 
it looks lighter than the outcome though, weird. 


After a few hours, its time to rinse off the dye, 
and its time to treat my hair! 
Don't mind my laptop, 
I was too bored so I ended up watching series while waiting for my hair :p

Ponytail with curl or ? 

Letting my hair down :)
this is the outcome after they're done dying my hair, 
it looks more black than brown, 
after 2-3 washes, it turned into the copper brown that I asked for in the first place, 
which is perfect! 
at least to me it is :p
Here's a few pictures of the outcome after a few washes :)

Legit candid okay?
not the fake type hahaha! 

There's slightly a bit of red tone in it, 
but I'm not sure if its the lighting or the hair hahahaa!

Once again, 
thank you so much Baptain Salon for taking care of my hair and keep it healthy and pretty all the time! My hair would be a mess without your love and care :P
So, if you want to know more about Baptain's Hair services, 
you can check out their facebook at 

I had previously blogged about their Luxe hair treatment, 
so if you are interested, you can check out my blog post HERE

thanks for reading guys ! 

Location: 1. Baptain G-hotel Penang, 
        2. E&O Hotel Penang.


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  1. This copper-brown suits you better! You look really pretty there! ;)